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Industrial Mats & Flooring
Industrial settings use rubber matting and flooring products in a broad array of applications, from drainage to anti-slip to equipment protection. Industrial rubber floor mats encompass a range of uses, offering products, which suit each application precisely. Rubber drainage mats include the 7/8” Dura-Chef mat, the 1/2” Dura-Chef mat, and the 3/8” Paw-Grip grease resistant runner. These are available in grease resistant versions to increase the longevity of the mat in industrial areas. Moreover, these products are designed to offer anti-slip traction in areas, which may be wet or moist. For industrial anti-fatigue applications like assembly lines, the 1/2” Foot-Rest, and the Bubble-Top Interlock mats can both be interconnected lengthwise “infinitely”, while providing that extra amount of comfort your staff require. For the most abrasive situations consider our most heavy-duty mats. Our Maxx-Tuff mat and our Shark Tooth mat are designed for preventing floor damage, while reducing noise and vibration. To provide a layer of cushioning for equipment and floor protection, consider our Elephant Bark. This is a rolled rubber that is designed to cover large areas. This product is made from recycled rubber tires, making for a "Green Product" at very cost effective prices. The Diamond-Grip rubber mat has a projected top surface, which is unique, making this rubber mat perfect to demanding applications. The Coin-Grip industrial rubber flooring has a modern design and is a black rubber mat, which is best in runner applications. Industrial work areas that experience moisture and compromises safety need a material to increase traction thus increasing safety. For these situations consider our 3mm Corrugated Wide Rib, 3mm Corrugated Fine Rib, or our 1/4” Super Grip Scraper.
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1/8" Composite Rib
Corrugated Rubber Mats
• Synthetic Rubber has Watertight Surface
• Available in 36 inch or 48 inch Widths
• Adds Non-Slip Safety Indoor or Outdoor
• Available in custom lengths up to 50ft.
• Most Popular Corrugated Rubber Floor
Diamond-Plate Mats
• Easy to Install with 2-Sided Tape
• Cost-Effective, Anti-Slip Rubber Floor
• Buy it in Any Length up to 50ft.
• Ideal for Wet or Dry Surface Areas
• Classic Industrial Surface Texture
16mm Interlocking Tiles
The Revolution!
• Designed for High-Impact Floors
• Easy installation, Great Finished Look!
• Offers Maximum Surface Protection
• Excellent for Anti-Fatigue Applications
• Rubber Floors for Gyms & Basements!
5/8" Dura-Chef Interlock
Rubber Matting
• Drainage Mat Ideal for Wet Areas
• Increase Traction, Maximize Safety!
• 5/8” Thick Rubber, Super Comfortable
• Ideal for any Kitchen, Workshop
• Easily Interlocks to Cover any Area!
1/2" Dura-Chef
Anti-Fatigue Mats
• Available in Black or Red Colors
• Lightweight and Easy to Handle
• Increase Productivity by Adding Comfort
• Makes Floors Safe by Hiding Moisture
• Beveled Edge Offers Access for Wheels
7/8" Dura-Chef
Comfort Mats
• Grease-Resistant, Ideal for Oily Areas
• A Thick and Heavy-Duty Drainage Mat
• Comfortable, 7/8” Thick Rubber Floor!
• Add Comfort to Your Work Floors
• Durable, Protective, Affordable Floor
1/2" Maxx-Tuff
Heavy Duty Mats
• Tough, Resilient & a Pleasant Floor
• Ideal for Heavy Machinery & Equipment.
• Offers Maximum Surface Protection.
• Perfect for a 2nd Floor Noisy Treadmill
• Cost-Effective & Durable Rubber Floor
3/4" Shark Tooth
Heavy Duty Mats
• Tough! 100 lbs per 4ft-by-6ft Rubber Mat
• Designed for High-Impact Industrial Use
• Excellent Noise and Vibration Reduction
• A Durable Recycled Rubber Floor Mat
• Can Be Custom-Cut to Your Needs.
1/2" & 3/4"
Horse Stall Mats
• Most Orders Ship in 24 Hours!
• Durable & Resilient Rubber Mat
• Ideal Comfort Mat for Large Animals
• Traction Surface Offers Maximum Grip
• Least Expensive Mat, Volume Discounts
3/4" Tuff-Flex
Heavy Duty Mats
• Heavy-Duty, Industrial Rubber Mat
• Protect Machinery from Hard Cold Floors
• Safeguard Your Floors from Equipment
• Tough Mat, yet Aesthetically Pleasant
• Excellent Noise and Vibration Reduction
3/8" Puzzle-Lock
Rubber Tiles
• Interlocking tiles. Easy to install!
• Cost-Conscious, Durable Rubber Mats
• Completely Flood & Moisture Resistant
• Excellent Sound & Impact Absorption
• Always in Stock, Ships in 24hours
3/16", 1/4", & 3/8"
Elephant Bark Rubber Flooring
• Buy Today, It Ships Tomorrow
• Safe, Warm & Cost-Effective Floors
• DIY Installation, No Glue Needed!
• Ideal Gym, Garage, Basement Floor
• Available in Custom Lengths up to 50ft.
3/8" Kitchen Mat
• Grease resistant,100% Nitrile Rubber
• Maintains Excellent Traction When Wet
• This Mat is Commercial Dishwasher-Safe
• Surface Texture Ensures Good Traction
• Ideal Rubber Mat in Restaurant Kitchens
3/8" Paw-Grip
Rubber Flooring Rolls
• Grease-Resistant,100% Nitrile Rubber
• Rubber Runner up to 50ft. lengths
• Excellent Scraper and Traction Features
• Unaffected by Moisture or Liquids
• Drainage Holes Clear Surface Liquids
3/8" Safe-Grip
Anti-Slip Mats
• Affordable Non-Slip Rubber Mat
• Rubber Floor Sold in Lengths up to 50ft.
• For Locker Rooms, Bathrooms, Kitchens
• 3 Visible Distinct Colors Mark Pathways
• Drainage Holes Allow Water to Pass
2mm Diamond-Grip
Rubber Flooring
• Sold in Black and Dark Gray
• Cost-Effective & Wear Resistant
• Buy it in Any Length up to 50ft.
• Ideal for Industrial Applications
• Traction Surface Offers Maximum Grip
2mm Coin-Grip
Rubber Flooring
• Unique Anti-Slip Surface Design
• Sold in Custom Lengths up to 50ft.
• Available in Brown, Black & Dark Gray
• Simple DIY Installation without Glue
• Ultra Durable Rubber Flooring Rolls
2mm Block-Grip
Rubber Flooring
• Cost-Effective, Modern Rubber Floor
• Buy it in Custom Lengths up to 50ft.
• Ideal in Gyms, Basements, & Garages
• Available in Brown, Black & Dark Gray
• Easy to Install with 2-Sided Tape
Rubber Flooring
Armor-Lock (New)
Block-Grip (New)
Coin-Grip (New)
Diamond-Grip (New)
Diamond-Plate (New)
Eco-Safety PlaygroundTiles
Eco-Sport (1")
Eco-Sport (3/4")
Elephant Bark
Revolution (New)
Terra-Flex Tiles
Terra-Flex Rolls
Zcycle Rolls (New)
Mats & Matting
Armor-Lock (New)
Block-Grip (New)
Bubble-Top (Tiles)
Bubble-Top (Interlock)
Carpet Mats
Coin-Grip (New)
Corrugated Composite
Corrugated Fine Rib
Corrugated Ramp Cleat
Corrugated Wide Rib
Diamond-Grip (New)
Diamond-Plate (New)
Door Scraper
Dura-Chef (7/8")
Dura-Chef (1/2")
Dura-Chef (interlock)
Dura-Chef (interlock Commercial)
Elephant Bark
Elliptical Mat
Horse Stall Mat
Kitchen Mat (Grease-Resist)
Revolution (Premium Tiles) (New)
Shark Tooth
Super-Grip Scraper
Terra-Flex Tiles
Treadmill Mat
Tuff-Flex (New)
Ultra-Scraper   (New)
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