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Marine Rubber Mats & Flooring
Rubber Mats and Flooring used in the marine industry or on boats require extra slip resistance qualities.  Recycled rubber is soft, comfortable, slip resistant and UV resistant.  Rubber mats are designed to withstand the outdoors as well as offer footing in moist areas. The Paw-Grip rubber mats are soft and pleasant looking and offer more traction in wet water crafts.  For areas where extra grip is needed, the raised knobs of the Safe-Grip mats and runners offer even more traction and drainage qualities.  The V-Rib rubber runner matting can be used for boat or yacht aisle-ways or walkways since it is available in sixty foot rolls. Elephant Bark Rubber flooring is perfect for the cost-conscious craft owner looking for custom cut lengths and is available in lots of fun colors. The Coin-Grip's embossed coin pattern is designed for areas with a modern appeal.  The Diamond-Grip offers excellent foot-grip for commercial shipping vessels, through its raised protruded surface and rubber's innate high coefficient of friction. The Super Grip Scraper provides exceptional traction on slopes and inclines.
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1/8" Composite Rib
Corrugated Rubber Mats
• Synthetic Rubber has Watertight Surface
• Available in 36 inch or 48 inch Widths
• Adds Non-Slip Safety Indoor or Outdoor
• Available in custom lengths up to 50ft.
• Most Popular Corrugated Rubber Floor
Diamond-Plate Mats
• Easy to Install with 2-Sided Tape
• Cost-Effective, Anti-Slip Rubber Floor
• Buy it in Any Length up to 50ft.
• Ideal for Wet or Dry Surface Areas
• Classic Industrial Surface Texture
16mm Interlocking Tiles
The Revolution!
• Designed for High-Impact Floors
• Easy installation, Great Finished Look!
• Offers Maximum Surface Protection
• Excellent for Anti-Fatigue Applications
• Rubber Floors for Gyms & Basements!
5/8" Dura-Chef Interlock
Rubber Matting
• Drainage Mat Ideal for Wet Areas
• Increase Traction, Maximize Safety!
• 5/8” Thick Rubber, Super Comfortable
• Ideal for any Kitchen, Workshop
• Easily Interlocks to Cover any Area!
1/2" Dura-Chef
Anti-Fatigue Mats
• Available in Black or Red Colors
• Lightweight and Easy to Handle
• Increase Productivity by Adding Comfort
• Makes Floors Safe by Hiding Moisture
• Beveled Edge Offers Access for Wheels
7/8" Dura-Chef
Comfort Mats
• Grease-Resistant, Ideal for Oily Areas
• A Thick and Heavy-Duty Drainage Mat
• Comfortable, 7/8” Thick Rubber Floor!
• Add Comfort to Your Work Floors
• Durable, Protective, Affordable Floor
3/8" Puzzle-Lock
Rubber Tiles
• Interlocking tiles. Easy to install!
• Cost-Conscious, Durable Rubber Mats
• Completely Flood & Moisture Resistant
• Excellent Sound & Impact Absorption
• Always in Stock, Ships in 24hours
3/16", 1/4", & 3/8"
Elephant Bark Rubber Flooring
• Buy Today, It Ships Tomorrow
• Safe, Warm & Cost-Effective Floors
• DIY Installation, No Glue Needed!
• Ideal Gym, Garage, Basement Floor
• Available in Custom Lengths up to 50ft.
3/8" Kitchen Mat
• Grease resistant,100% Nitrile Rubber
• Maintains Excellent Traction When Wet
• This Mat is Commercial Dishwasher-Safe
• Surface Texture Ensures Good Traction
• Ideal Rubber Mat in Restaurant Kitchens
3/8" Paw-Grip
Rubber Flooring Rolls
• Grease-Resistant,100% Nitrile Rubber
• Rubber Runner up to 50ft. lengths
• Excellent Scraper and Traction Features
• Unaffected by Moisture or Liquids
• Drainage Holes Clear Surface Liquids
3/8" Safe-Grip
Anti-Slip Mats
• Affordable Non-Slip Rubber Mat
• Rubber Floor Sold in Lengths up to 50ft.
• For Locker Rooms, Bathrooms, Kitchens
• 3 Visible Distinct Colors Mark Pathways
• Drainage Holes Allow Water to Pass
2mm Diamond-Grip
Rubber Flooring
• Sold in Black and Dark Gray
• Cost-Effective & Wear Resistant
• Buy it in Any Length up to 50ft.
• Ideal for Industrial Applications
• Traction Surface Offers Maximum Grip
2mm Coin-Grip
Rubber Flooring
• Unique Anti-Slip Surface Design
• Sold in Custom Lengths up to 50ft.
• Available in Brown, Black & Dark Gray
• Simple DIY Installation without Glue
• Ultra Durable Rubber Flooring Rolls
2mm Block-Grip
Rubber Flooring
• Cost-Effective, Modern Rubber Floor
• Buy it in Custom Lengths up to 50ft.
• Ideal in Gyms, Basements, & Garages
• Available in Brown, Black & Dark Gray
• Easy to Install with 2-Sided Tape
Rubber Flooring
Armor-Lock (New)
Block-Grip (New)
Coin-Grip (New)
Diamond-Grip (New)
Diamond-Plate (New)
Eco-Safety PlaygroundTiles
Eco-Sport (1")
Eco-Sport (3/4")
Elephant Bark
Revolution (New)
Terra-Flex Tiles
Terra-Flex Rolls
Zcycle Rolls (New)
Mats & Matting
Armor-Lock (New)
Block-Grip (New)
Bubble-Top (Tiles)
Bubble-Top (Interlock)
Carpet Mats
Coin-Grip (New)
Corrugated Composite
Corrugated Fine Rib
Corrugated Ramp Cleat
Corrugated Wide Rib
Diamond-Grip (New)
Diamond-Plate (New)
Door Scraper
Dura-Chef (7/8")
Dura-Chef (1/2")
Dura-Chef (interlock)
Dura-Chef (interlock Commercial)
Elephant Bark
Elliptical Mat
Horse Stall Mat
Kitchen Mat (Grease-Resist)
Revolution (Premium Tiles) (New)
Shark Tooth
Super-Grip Scraper
Terra-Flex Tiles
Treadmill Mat
Tuff-Flex (New)
Ultra-Scraper   (New)
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