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Do It Yourself Rubber Flooring
Many of our products are designed with the DIY(do it yourself) ethic in mind, so that their installation can be performed by almost anyone. The great thing about DIY Rubber Flooring is that it makes the product more affordable by eliminating unnecessary installation costs. Our rolled rubber flooring is also available in custom cut lengths which reduces waste and the need for additional cutting during the installation process. The Elephant Bark Rubber Flooring is great for quick DIY installations and will stay down under its own weight eliminating the need for adhesives. It is also available in custom cut lengths to meet your area's dimensions. The 1 inch Eco-Sport Tiles are easily installed using an interconnecting pin to connect the tiles together (as featured on the DIY Network) and are one of the ultimate DIY flooring products. The 3/4 Inch Eco-Sport Tiles are designed to be either a "free-lay" (i.e. no adhesives) or an adhesive installation. When looking for a product with a fun DIY installation, The Puzzle-Lock Tiles are the ultimate choice. Just as its name suggests, The Puzzle-Lock connects together like a puzzle and can be done by virtually anyone! How puzzling can that be? Another not so puzzling DIY installation can be found with the Terra-Flex Premium Rubber Tiles. These interlocking tiles come in a variety of warm earth toned colors and make for a fun and easy DIY installation that can be done by anyone.
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3/16", 1/4", & 3/8"
Elephant Bark Rubber Flooring
• Buy Today, It Ships Tomorrow
• Safe, Warm & Cost-Effective Floors
• DIY Installation, No Glue Needed!
• Ideal Gym, Garage, Basement Floor
• Available in Custom Lengths up to 50ft.
2mm Terra-Flex
Premium Flooring Rolls
• Ultra-Premium Rubber Flooring.
• Available in 4 Vivid Earth-Tone Colors
• Buy it in Custom Lengths up to 50ft.
• Made with Eco-Friendly Natural Rubber.
• Always in Stock, Ships in 24 Hours.
3/8" Puzzle-Lock
Rubber Tiles
• Interlocking tiles. Easy to install!
• Cost-Conscious, Durable Rubber Mats
• Completely Flood & Moisture Resistant
• Excellent Sound & Impact Absorption
• Always in Stock, Ships in 24hours
3/4" Eco-Sport
Rubber Tiles
• Available in Five Vibrant Colors
• Made From Recycled Tire Crumb
• For Indoor or Outdoor Applications
• Stocked Rubber Tiles, Ships in 24 Hours
• Super Easy-to-Install Interlocking Tile
1" Eco-Sport
Rubber Tiles
• DIY Installation, Simple and Quick!
• Rubber Floors Made For Outdoor Use
• Stocked Product, Ships in 24 Hours
• 1" Inch thick, 100% Recycled Rubber
• Durable,Protective & Impact-Absorbent
16mm Interlocking Tiles
The Revolution!
• Designed for High-Impact Floors
• Easy installation, Great Finished Look!
• Offers Maximum Surface Protection
• Excellent for Anti-Fatigue Applications
• Rubber Floors for Gyms & Basements!
1/4" Terra-Flex
Premium Rubber Tiles
• Eco-Friendly! Natural Rubber Floors
• Simple-to-Install Interlocking Tiles
• Vanilla Scent, Reduces Rubber Smell
• Made With the Highest Quality Materials
• 5 Unique Light Colors & Earth Tones
2mm Diamond-Grip
Rubber Flooring
• Sold in Black and Dark Gray
• Cost-Effective & Wear Resistant
• Buy it in Any Length up to 50ft.
• Ideal for Industrial Applications
• Traction Surface Offers Maximum Grip
2mm Coin-Grip
Rubber Flooring
• Unique Anti-Slip Surface Design
• Sold in Custom Lengths up to 50ft.
• Available in Brown, Black & Dark Gray
• Simple DIY Installation without Glue
• Ultra Durable Rubber Flooring Rolls
2mm Block-Grip
Rubber Flooring
• Cost-Effective, Modern Rubber Floor
• Buy it in Custom Lengths up to 50ft.
• Ideal in Gyms, Basements, & Garages
• Available in Brown, Black & Dark Gray
• Easy to Install with 2-Sided Tape
Rubber Flooring
Armor-Lock (New)
Block-Grip (New)
Coin-Grip (New)
Diamond-Grip (New)
Diamond-Plate (New)
Eco-Safety PlaygroundTiles
Eco-Sport (1")
Eco-Sport (3/4")
Elephant Bark
Revolution (New)
Terra-Flex Tiles
Terra-Flex Rolls
Zcycle Rolls (New)
Mats & Matting
Armor-Lock (New)
Block-Grip (New)
Bubble-Top (Tiles)
Bubble-Top (Interlock)
Carpet Mats
Coin-Grip (New)
Corrugated Composite
Corrugated Fine Rib
Corrugated Ramp Cleat
Corrugated Wide Rib
Diamond-Grip (New)
Diamond-Plate (New)
Door Scraper
Dura-Chef (7/8")
Dura-Chef (1/2")
Dura-Chef (interlock)
Dura-Chef (interlock Commercial)
Elephant Bark
Elliptical Mat
Horse Stall Mat
Kitchen Mat (Grease-Resist)
Revolution (Premium Tiles) (New)
Shark Tooth
Super-Grip Scraper
Terra-Flex Tiles
Treadmill Mat
Tuff-Flex (New)
Ultra-Scraper   (New)
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