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"Door Scraper" Commercial Entrance Mats

"Door Scraper" Commercial Entrance Mats

Colorful Doormat Scrapes Away Dirt and Provides Traction
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Price: $45.00 – $175.00
Price: $45.00
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Available in three different sizes and a variety of edge color options, the "Door Scraper" entrance door mats are the ideal matting products to have outside of your home entryway. As the name suggests, these rubber door mats function to scrape dirt and mud off from incoming shoes. The rubber "fingers" that are arranged across the surface of each safety mat help reach into the nooks and crannies of shoes to thoroughly scrape debris off of them. Better yet, these are eco-friendly recycled floors that offer both affordability and durability in one appealing package. Buy this outside matting today to help keep things around your place nice and clean!

Adaptable Aesthetic: One of the big advantages of these rubber door mats lies in their appearance. They have a simple yet sleek appearance that can fit in with residential, commercial, and even industrial settings. These entrance door mats come in three different sizes to fit the different sized entryways of various buildings. For aesthetic appeal, they are also available in five different colors to suit your personal tastes.

Made with Recycled Rubber: This outside matting is made using both natural and recycled rubbers. It is the recycled rubber that helps this safety mat stand out. These rubber mats are eco-friendly because their recycled rubber material helps to reduce both waste in the environment and your overall carbon footprint. And its not just for altruists, these recycled floors are also more affordable than other virgin or synthetic rubber products while featuring an increased level of sustainability.

Effective Scraper: It is often ridiculously easy to dirty up the insides of a recently cleaned home, office, or business area. All it takes is one dirty pair of shoes. Luckily, these entrance door mats act as a guard against dirty shoes. Any dirt, mud, or general debris will be scraped off from the bottom of incoming shoes and will stay on the surfaces of these rubber door mats until cleaned away.


  • Size and Weight: 24" x 32" (15 lbs), 32" x 39" (25 lbs), 36" x 72" (50 lbs)
  • Thickness: 5/8"
  • Colors: Black, Yellow, Brown, Blue, Red
  • Materials: Natural Rubber, Recycled Rubber
More Benefits:
  • Can be placed anywhere with ease
  • Easily cleaned with common household detergents
  • Recycled floors that can withstand physical impacts
  • The bright borders of each safety mat alerts guests to their presence
  • Raised edges are able to keep a limited amount of moisture on the outside matting

Description:This is the ultimate rubber doormat designed to act as a scraping surface at commercial entryways. The raised “finger like” rubber protrusions scrape away dirt, snow, and debris while improving safety by increasing traction. Since the rubber mat has raised borders, dirt and moisture are contained within it. The Door-Scraper keeps most of the mess at the door and minimizes interior cleaning costs.
MaterialNatural and recycled rubber products
Sizes: 24 inch x 32 inch, 15lbs.
32 inch x 39 inch, 25lbs.
36 inch x 72 inch, 50 lbs.
Thickness: 5/8”-inch
Available Border Colors:Black, Yellow, Red, Brown, Blue.
Applications:Anti-Slip Floor, Airport Entryways, Barns, Boat Docks, Boats, Car Shops, Concert Venue, Construction Sites, Commercial Door Mat, Colleges, Corridors, Cruises, Eco-Floors, Entrance Mat, Equipment Rental, Farms, Golf Courses, Grocery Stores, Hospital and Medical Buildings, Hotels, Heavy Duty Floor Mats, Inclines, Industrial Buildings, Lumber Yards, Malls, Mountain Resorts, No-Slip Mat Product, Outdoor Events, Outdoor Walkways, Outside Door Mat, Rubber Door Mat, Shop Matting, Ski Resorts, Snow & Ice, Special Events, Storerooms, Traction Flooring, Wet Areas
Finger-Top Surface:The “finger like” surface texture of this mat makes it an ideal scraper for high foot traffic commercial entryways. Keep your indoor flooring clean by strategically placing two mats on each side of entry doors (i.e. indoor and outdoor). Most importantly, the “finger like” surface texture maximizes safety and traction by reducing the possibility of slips due to moisture.
Bright Colors:This mat is available with a bright (yellow, brown, blue, red) beveled edge which increases the visibility of the mat. This increases awareness and safety by alarming oncoming foot-traffic of the location of the mat.
Cleaning:The resilient rubber surface resists common liquids and the runner can be cleaned by any common commercial or household cleaning agents or hosed or mopped in outdoor applications. Once dried the product can be reinstalled with ease.
Natural & Recycled Rubber:This doormat has a combination of both environmentally friendly, recycled, and natural based rubbers making this doormat appealing as a sustainable product.
Availability: The Door Scraper mat is generally stocked and will ship within 24 hours.
Mat Pricing1 +10 +25 +100 +
5/8" x 24" x 32", Black$45.00$42.75$39.38$36.00
5/8" x 32" x 39", Black$68.00$64.60$59.50$54.40
5/8" x 36" x 72", Black$135.00$128.25$118.13$108.00
5/8" x 24" x 32", Yellow$65.00$60.13$56.88$48.75
5/8" x 32" x 39", Yellow$95.00$87.88$83.13$71.25
5/8" x 36" x 72", Yellow$175.00$161.88$153.13$131.25

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