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"Coin-Grip" Rolls PVC Flooring

"Coin-Grip" Rolls PVC Flooring

Modern Design Rubber Flooring Rolls, Available in Custom Lengths
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Price: $50.04 – $500.40
Price: $50.04
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Description: A coin or circle top textured PVC flooring that is designed for added traction and appeal to modern aesthetic sensibilities. This PVC roll product is available in seamless lengths up to 50ft. Coin PVC flooring rolls have a modern/industrial aesthetic which not available in any other flooring option. Unlike similar products, whose costs overwhelm budgets, Coin-Grip is a sensible option with an excellent lifecycle. This product is recommended for use in a variety of applications such as for gyms or fitness centers, garage coverings, basements, kennels, trailers, boats, or industrial flooring.
Material: PVC
Width: 48”-inch
Length: 50ft rolls, Custom lengths up to 50 continuous feet are available upon request.
Thickness: 2mm or 0.08-inch
Weight: 0.7 lbs per square foot, 140 lbs per 50ft roll
Hardness: 70 Durometer
Tearing Strength: 280 PSI
Tensile Strength: 840 PSI
Available Colors: Black, Dark Gray, Brown
Applications:Airports, Animal Transporters, Anti-Slip Surface, Art Studios, Athletic Flooring, Auto Shop Lobby, Banks, Bars, Basement Floor Covering, Bathrooms, Boat Floor Covering, Car Mats, Casinos, Cellar Floor, Clubs, Dog Mats, Factory Aisles, Department Store Aisles, Concrete Deterioration Prevention, Dishwashing Areas, Doggie Daycares, Dugouts, Elevators, Entranceways, Escalator Aprons, Factories, Fast Food Facilities, Fitness Floor Covering, Floor Protection, Flooring for Exercise Rooms, Flooring for a Garage, Flower Shops, Garages, Greenhouses, Gyms, Patios, Ice-Rinks, Industrial Flooring, Kennel Mats, Laundry Areas, Libraries, Locker Areas, Marine Flooring, Make-up Rooms, Medical Centers, Museums, Music Studios, Noise Reduction, Non-porous Surface, Pet Bedding, Pharmacy, Post Offices, Prison Pathways, Restaurants, Retail Stores, RVs, Salons, School Facilities, Shop Floors, Spas, Sport Flooring, Storage Rooms, Trailer Mats, Training Surface, Van Floor Mats, Vapor Barrier, Vet Facilities, Walkways, Warehouses, Wet Areas, Work-Out Floor Surfaces, Work Areas.
Excellent Traction:This PVC coin flooring offers excellent traction through its PVC coin-top or stud protrusions. The naturally high coefficient of friction found in this PVC floor adds to the grip and reduces the risk of falls. The embossed coin pattern is designed for medium to high traffic areas where added traction is needed, which is ensured by the raised studded surface.
Modern Design:This modern, sleek, low profile, and non-directional look makes Coin-Grip an excellent choice in PVC flooring options. In commercial applications where surface traction from a multi-directional and easy to install flooring is required Coin-Grip PVC flooring is an excellent aesthetic choice. This product is ideal for offices, art studios, basements, and elevators.
Temporary Installations:For temporary type fixtures this product can easily be installed with a double-sided carpet tape; this makes the product ideal for any DIY or residential applications. The ease of installation does away with the need for installers or adhesives. This, in addition to the availability of custom lengths, allows consumers to buy this PVC floor in a cost-effective manner!
Textured Base:The textured-base finish ads subsurface traction and keeps the PVC runner's bottom surface secured to the floor even when adhesives are not present. The textured sub-surface also enhances the PVC’s grip to any two-sided tape used.
Permanent installations:Coin-Grip PVC Flooring can be permanently adhered to a hard subsurface using BASF Chemrex® CX-941 Adhesive.
Custom Cuts:The coin pattern flooring can be purchased in any length up to 50 continuous feet in half-foot increments. Being a 2mm thick PVC flooring roll means it can easily be cut using a sharp utility knife on location to meet any dimensional requirements.
Cleaning:Since this PVC floor offers moderate chemical resistance, it can be cleaned with most mild common household cleaners. Strong, caustic cleaning solutions (e.g. bleach) are not recommended.
Availability:Coin-Grip flooring is always in stock, and will generally ship the same day (please allow 24-48 hours for custom cut lengths).

Made of tough PVC, the Coin-Grip™ commercial PVC flooring is the perfect PVC option for any project! The circular pattern on the surface of this product, known as coin flooring, is a great feature because it helps with traction and safety. In addition, this PVC flooring performs well in wet conditions. PVC gives this product a good level of resistance to the ravages of water exposure, making it ideal as a marine floor option. Buy the Coin-Grip™ PVC rolls today to get the best in flooring!

Custom Cuts for a Variety of Projects: The great thing about these commercial PVC flooring rolls is that they can be cut to any specific custom length that you desire. The rolls themselves are 50ft long, but you can request for them to be cut to a shorter length. Since they are about 2mm thick, cutting them with a precision knife is no problem. This way, you will have PVC flooring that fits more conveniently in your area of application. If you need flooring for the basement or have an automobile that needs floor mats, van or coupe, these rolls can be cut to the right fit.

Enhanced Traction: One of the perks of having coin flooring like this is that the risk of slip and fall accidents is greatly reduced. The coin patterns that give the roll its signature name are slightly raised. Although hard to see with the naked eye, the raised circles help to provide feet with a higher level of grip and balance. Even the PVC material itself is good for traction purposes. It is a feature that comes in handy especially when the flooring is used as a marine floor for wet areas.

Permanent or Temporary Installation: This commercial PVC flooring is a versatile product in the way it can be installed. If you have it in mind to permanently install this PVC flooring, using glue adhesives like the BASF Chemrex® CX-941 is your best option. But not everyone is so fixed in one location. For the movers out there, double-sided tape if your best option because it is so easy to apply and remove.

  • Length: 50ft per roll
  • Width: 48” per roll
  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Tensile Strength: 840 PSI
  • Colors: Black, Gray, Brown
  • Materials: PVC
  • Custom Length Options: Yes
More Benefits:
  • PVC material helps these flooring rolls last for a long time
  • Coin flooring looks great in commercial and residential areas
  • Perfect for use as a marine floor in aquariums and other places prone to wetness
  • Ideal for use as gym floor mats, van floor mats, bathroom flooring, trailer floor mats, kitchen floor mats, flooring for the basement, and more
Full Roll Pricing1-4 Rolls5-19 Rolls20-49 Rolls50+ Rolls
2mm or .08" x 48" x 50ft$481.00$444.93$420.88$360.75
Custom Length Pricing1ft +50ft. +250ft. +1000ft. +
2mm or .08" x 48" x Custom$12.51$10.68$10.10$8.66

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