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"Safe-Grip" Anti-Slip Rubber Matting

"Safe-Grip" Anti-Slip Rubber Matting

Water-Resistant Rubber Runners with Multiple Colors and Lengths
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Price: $49.30 – $197.52
Price: $49.30
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Description:This is a 1/4-inch thick rubber mat produced from natural rubber (NR) and exhibits good elasticity and flexibility. This rubber mat contains drainage holes that allow liquids to pass through, thereby reducing the risk of slips and falls. The raised protrusions also provide excellent scraping action to remove dirt, mud, and debris from the bottoms of shoes. The rubber in this product offers excellent durability which makes it ideal for commercial and industrial applications.
MaterialNatural Rubber (NR)
Sizes:34 inch x 2 ft
34 inch x 4 ft
34 inch x 8 ft
34 inch x 50 ft
Custom Sizes: Rolled version of the Safe-Grip Mat can be purchased in custom lengths up to 50 continuous feet (in half foot increments). Full rolls weigh 150 lbs.
Colors:Black, Brown, Red
Weight:One pound per square foot
Natural Rubber:The Para rubber tree is the source of NR latex which makes this a more environmentally friendly elastomer than its synthetic (petroleum based) counter-parts. This product is subject to microbial and aerobic biodegradation, hence it is biodegradable and can be broken down and reused. Natural rubber has superior rebound and elasticity, so the mat will also provide more comfort and bounce-back cushion.
Applications:Art Studios, Athletic Areas, Bar Mat, Bathroom Non-Slip Mats, Boat Floor Covering, Buffet Lines, Clubhouses, Coffee Shops, Delis, Elevators, Entryways, Floor Protector Mats, Kitchen Rubber Runner, Locker-Rooms, Laundry Mats, Non-Skid Mat, Pet Facilities, Pools, Floor Protection, Restaurant Mat, Retail Shops, Ribbed Runner, Showers, Ski Resorts, Spas, Temporary Applications, Waiting Rooms, Wet Industrial Applications.
TractionExcellent Traction and light drainage qualities make this rubber runner mat perfect for food & beverage or locker-room applications that require lightweight and grease resistant mats for easy handling. Safe-Grip matting is recommended for general use in factories, animal groomers, outdoor showers, laboratories, and industrial areas where the ground surface may be wet.
Cleaning:The Safe-Grip Mat has excellent resistance to most common commercial cleaning agents.
Availability:This rubber flooring mat is typically in stock.

Natural rubber is a valuable resource that possesses unique properties. It can be made into a variety of different products. Some of the most popular uses of rubber are as rubber mats. As textured rubber runners, they are the perfect natural floors to put in place in order to secure your footsteps. The natural rubber material makes each runner mat resistant to the degrading effects of water and other moisture. It is well suited as marine flooring for aquariums or as bar runners for the food service industry. Buy this rubber anti-slip mat today for a quality addition to your commercial or industrial area!

Anti-Slip, Pro-Safety: Safety is this rubber mat’s primary function. It has two ways in which it makes your place safer. First, there is the rubber of these natural floors. Rubber already comes with a naturally high co-efficient of friction, helping give your foot a better level of traction while on the rubber mat. Second, and perhaps more importantly, there are small grippers across the surface of the runner mat. These help keep your feet in place at all times, even in wet conditions.

No Moisture Here: Moisture can end up being a serious nuisance. The longer it stays on the surface of a mat, the more it can degrade it. In addition to that, it can be an added hazard by making things slippery. Luckily, water and other liquids do not easily degrade natural rubber. To facilitate the departure of liquids, these rubber runners come with drainage holes at their corners. Liquids will flow out of these and away from your anti-slip mat.

Effective Scraper: There is another purpose behind the surface texture of these natural floors. As well as gripping the bottom of your feet, they also scrape dirt, mud, and other debris off of your shoes. They are positioned throughout the rubber runner mat to maximize the area where they scrape. In other words, the more grippers, the more they cover your shoes.


  • Sizes: 34" x 24", 34" x 48", 34" x 96"
  • Thickness: 1/4"
  • Custom Runners: Available in lengths up to 50ft
  • Material: Natural Rubber
  • Colors: Black, Brown, Red
More Benefits:
  • All natural floors
  • Simple aesthetic that looks great in commercial and industrial settings
  • These rubber mats are easy to clean with a hose and household cleaners
  • Perfect for outdoor use as marine flooring for a dockside or for indoor use at a restaurant bar

Mat Pricing1 Mat +10 Mats +25 Mats +100 mats +
1/4" x 34" x 2ft$49.30$44.37$41.91$38.45
1/4" x 34" x 4ft$98.60$88.74$83.81$76.91
1/4" x 34" x 8ft$197.20$177.48$167.62$153.82
Full Roll Pricing1 Roll +5 Rolls +20 Rolls +50 Rolls +
1/4" x 34" x 50ft$1,200.00$1,098.00$1,032.00$960.00
Custom Length Pricing1ft +50ft. +250ft. +1000ft. +
1/4" x 34" x Custom$29.00$26.10$24.65$22.62

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