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"Horse Stall Mat" Heavy-Duty Rubber Mat

"Horse Stall Mat" Heavy-Duty Rubber Mat

Excellent Floor Protector Mat Promotes Drainage and Comfort
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Price: $80.00 – $90.00
Price: $90.00
Priced at $59 for 40 or more Horse Stall Mats
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Description:The Horse Stall Mat is specifically made for animal stall floors and is available in two thicknesses, 1/2" and 3/4". This product is designed to cushion and comfort horses, cows, and other livestock from cold and hard grounds. In some cases, it can also serve to protect floors from possible abuse from large and heavy creatures. When purchased in bulk, pound for pound, this product is one of the least expensive rubber mats in the market.
Material: NR (Natural Rubber) and Reclaimed Rubber
Size: 4ft x 6ft
Thickness: 3/4-inch and 1/2-inch
Color: Black
Weight: 90 lbs. per mat 3/4 inch, 67 lbs. per mat 1/2 inch,
Design:Broad grooves bottom surface, cobblestone top surface
Hardness: 55-65 Durometer
Tensile Strength:2.8 – 3 MPA
Elongation at Break:200 -250%
Applications:Animal Care Facilities, Basements, Cellars, Cow Stalls, Farms, Horse Stalls, Pig Stalls, Ranches, Restrooms, Stables, Wagons, Zoos.
Drainage:Broad bottom surface grooves permit the drainage of a light volume of liquids. The movement of water and other liquids is imperative in maintaining a clean and safe environment for animals.
Installation:Due to the nature of the use mats, permanent installations are not recommended. Each mat weighs 100lbs, therefore its own weight is generally enough to keep itself in place.
Comfort:A cushioned floor is precisely what is expected of any stall mat, however, solid rubber mats that do not have air-pockets on the sub-surface fail to provide any sort of bounce-back or cushion. This is where our Horse-Stall mat sets itself apart. The drainage channels also serve to add to the cushion that rubber naturally offers.
Cleaning:The resilient rubber surface resists common liquids and the runner can be cleaned by any common commercial or household cleaning agents. This tough and sturdy mat can also be hosed or mopped in outdoor applications. Moisture does not have an effect on this rubber floor mat so it can be cleaned using water and mild detergent without concern.
Availability:Horse Stall Mats are in stock and will generally ship within 24 hours.

The Horse Stall Mat is specifically made with animals in mind. Each thick mat is perfect for horses or any other heavy animals. Just like humans, animals deserve to be comfortable, warm and protected. The cold, hard surfaces that modern stalls are made of are not comfy and cozy surfaces. A thick rubber mat can quickly and in an inexpensive manner turn concrete into a more contented surface. By having this eco-friendly reclaimed floor in place, you will be relieving their legs of unwanted pressure.

Other Uses: This heavy-duty flooring can also serve as floor protection mats to guard surfaces against the grind of heavy weights. Pound for pound these are the most cost effective rubber mats I the market. Buy these today to protect your weight room, industrial equipment and/or your floors.

Drainage Channels: We all know that animals can get messy at times. Luckily, the Horse Stall Mats accommodate that fact very well. The underside of each thick mat has drainage channels that allow for liquids to pass through them easily. This will prevent unwanted moisture from building up and causing a mess that could have easily been avoided.

Protects Surfaces: Each 4 x 6 rubber mat is very capable of providing an excellent barrier between the heavy weight of an animal and the base flooring of an area. The prolonged pressure of hooves can wear down floors. Each mat is thick and robust enough to absorb the shock and impact of the heavy trampling of hooves, preventing any abrasions to the surface below.

A Higher Degree of Comfort: Ultimately, your horse should be comfortable in its stall. This heavy-duty flooring is meant to provide a soft cushion for a horse to relax on. The rubber material in the horse stall mat turns inhospitable floors comfy, quickly! When a horse has comfortable feet, it is able to run faster and longer with more efficiency.


  • Size: 4’ x 6’ rubber mat
  • Thickness: 3/4" and 1/2"
  • Material: Natural Rubber, Reclaimed Rubber
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 90 lbs (3/4" thick) and 67 lbs (1/2" thick)
  • Hardness: 55-65 Durometer
  • Tensile Strength: 2.8 – 3 MPA
  • Elongation at Break: 200 – 250%
More Benefits:
  • Can be moved as needed
  • Increased traction for human and animal feet
  • Can be cleaned with water and household detergents
  • Eco-friendly reclaimed floor mat that combines durability with affordability
  • Perfect for use in horse stalls, cow stalls, pig stalls, animal care facilities, farms, ranches, and even basements

Mat Pricing1+40 +160 +320 +
1/2 in x 4 ft x 6 ft$80.00$59.00$49.60$46.40
3/4 in x 4 ft x 6 ft$90.00$65.00$55.80$52.20

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