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Silicone Rubber Sheet  -- Extreme Heat Resistant Rubber Product: a Blog.  For applications in really hot, and demanding environments, a rubber sheet with heat resistant qualities is needed. 
Silicone Sheet Rubber -  A rubber sheet good for extreme heat resistant applications.
Products discussed in this article: Silicone, Silicone PG, Silicone FDA,SIlicone TR, Neoprene, Nitrile.

For applications in particularly demanding environments, sometimes Silicone sheet rubber is the best option.  Compared to more common sheet rubbers (i.e. Neoprene, Nitrile, etc.), Silicone is custom compounded to fit exacting technical specifications.  For example, Silicone is rated for temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, even in commercial grade material.  It also offers superb chemical resistance, and can be specifically designed to resist almost any chemical imaginable.

In response to the needs of our customer base, Rubber-Cal now carries a much broader line of Silicone products.  Expanding from the more standard commercial-grade material, specification-grade materials are now available as well.  Offering properties such as higher temperature range, enhanced chemical resistance, compounding from FDA approved material, and a broader array of colors, the new Silicone line is targeted at the needs of exacting industrial clients. 

Silicone PG, a premium-grade Silicone compound, is designed to meet common industry specifications for Silicone.  This sheet rubber conforms to ZZR-765, AMS 3302, and ASTM D2000.  Offering increased physical properties (i.e. elongation and tensile strength) and a higher temperature range than commercial-grade material, Silicone PG is the benchmark product for heavy industrial gasketing.

Silicone Sheet Rubber is available in various widths and thickness. If by chance we do not stock your specified needs, in addition to hand fabrication and slitting, this product can be fabricated mechanically by laser, die, and water-jet cut.  Please submit your drawings and specifications for a price quote.

Silicone FDA is a white Silicone compound, made from ingredients listed in 21 CFR 177.2600.  This FDA regulation covers rubber articles intended for repeated contact with foodstuffs.  Unlike other food-grade rubber products, such as White Nitrile, Silicone FDA provides the exceptional chemical resistance and temperature range expected from a Silicone product, in addition to its FDA approval. 

SIlicone TR is a low-volatile, peroxide-free Silicone compound.  In addition to being compounded with FDA approved ingredients, SIlicone TR is a translucent rubber product.  It offers exceptional physical properties, and is often used in applications where a chemically inert rubber is necessary. 
The majority of our new Silicone line is in stock, and usually ships within 48 hours of ordering.  In addition to stocked items, Silicone products can be produced to almost any customer-provided specification.   

Samples of this product are available through our website ( as well as specification sheets outlining the technical properties of these sheet rubber products and a price list for all available gauges and widths.

Jeffrey Stephens

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Silicone Sheet Rubber -  A rubber sheet good for extreme heat resistant applications.
Products discussed in this posting: Silicone CG, Silicone PG, Silicone FDA, SIlicone TR.

Silicone rubber is a fantastic polymer.Silicone sheets are excellent for heat resistance, chemical resistance, and aesthetic pleasure. The ease of manufacturing and overall sophistication of the polymer allow for smaller runs and more unique blends thus making it easier to meet any specification being called out and making it easier to find a material to withstand extremely demanding environments. Even in the most affordable commercial grade compounds Silicone sheet can perform in temperatures up to 450ºF.  At Rubber-Cal we offer four main categories of Silicone products. These divisions are only the most popular physical characteristics. As aforementioned we have the ability to manufacture custom Silicone sheets to meet almost any specification, therefore do not be turned away if your project requires something more!

Silicone CG (Commercial Grade Silicone Sheets), is the most basic, most affordable Silicone rubber we offer. This is available in an industry standard oxide red color and in shorter lengths (i.e. 5 linear foot minimum). The smooth texture on the top and bottom surface make this Silicone sheet perfect for gasketing needs that require a precision seal. Although this is a basic commercial grade product it is rated for use up to 450ºF. If you are looking for a basic Silicone sheet for a temperature or chemical application, this is the product for you.

SIlicone TR (Translucent Silicone Sheets), is the closest to clear Silicone rubber that we can come. This material has a milky white appearance and is designed to allow light to pass through. Aesthetically this Silicone sheet is a unique product and thus is used for a variety of applications that want nothing more than a translucent or close to clear rubber material. Pads, glass separators, and other bumper accessories do not need products that are rated up to 450ºF or extremely chemical resistant (which Silicone TR is), but they do need a material that is translucent!

Silicone FDA (FDA approved Silicone Sheets) is designed for any application that needs a Silicone rubber that is tested and approved by the FDA for food handling applications. This material listed in CFR 177. 2600. Being white in color and extremely flat and smooth on both sides allows for easy cleaning and creates a unique surface. With Silicone products being UV and Ozone resistant the Silicone FDA is perfect in food handling machinery that is constantly outdoors.

Silicone PG (Premium Grade Silicone Sheets) is the more sophisticated counterpart to Silicone CG. Displaying similar physical characteristics to the Silicone CG  you may be confused why the price is considerably more. This material holds a certification to ZZR-765 Cl 2A & 2B Gr 50, AMS3302, ASTM D2000, is available in 3 colors, in durometers from 30A to 80A and gauges from 1/32” to 1/2”! This is the top of the line Silicone sheet we offer.

Please keep in mind that we stock Silicone CG and SIlicone TR and are here to help you choose with Silicone products will be best for your applications.

If you are not familiar with Silicone sheets please request a sample here!

Mr. Elasticity

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