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Industrial Floor Mats

Rubber is a great raw material for use in industrial floor mats whenever safety and floor protection are a concern. On a workshop floor there is always a lot of heavy machinery and equipment present. These are often very expensive and need to be kept away from hard floors. Industrial rubber matting is essential to have in place in order to protect the machinery from damage while they are functioning. On the other hand, industrial floor mats can also protect the existing floors of an area from any damage that a heavy moving machine may cause. Rubber essentially serves as an protective liner between heavy machinery and industrial floors.

Our line of industrial floor mats is made of natural, recycled, and synthetic rubbers. They are available either as rolls or as standalone mats. We offer standard rubber mats where the required floor protection is minimal and thicker, as well as heavy-duty mats when the environment is more abusive. The industrial rubber matting that we offer comes in various design options. Each design fits in perfectly in any industrial setting, adding a professional aesthetic to the factory or workshop floor. Our various options come in the forms of corrugated rubber flooring, Coin-Grip flooring and diamond plate floor options. Our aim is to give consumers a good variety of flooring options so they may find the perfect mat for their specific application.

An important distinction to consider with industrial floor mats is whether they are standard or heavy-duty variants. The standard types of flooring, such as the corrugated rubber or the coin-grip flooring, are very versatile and offer a standard level of protection that allows them to be used almost anywhere. Their heavy-duty counterparts, such as the 4 x 6 industrial rubber matting, is meant to be used specifically for heavy machinery. They feature increased thickness that is better suited to supporting heavy weights and absorbing the impact vibrations of the machine.

Industrial areas are hubs of activity that tend to see lots of foot traffic. Workers and supervisors are always on the go around factories and workshops. Industrial floor mats made of rubber are ideal to have on the factory workshop floor because rubber naturally improves the level of traction for feet. This keeps people safe with their feet set firmly on the floor. Rubber industrial floor mats with special surface textures, like the diamond plate floor and the Coin-Grip flooring, increase this traction even further thanks to their specific surface designs. The surface designs function to provide a certain level of pushback against feet in motion, making it much harder for someone to suffer a slip and fall accident. Some designs, like our corrugated rubber flooring options, come with the added functional bonus of helping to scrape off loose debris from footwear, which helps keep the overall workplace cleaner as well as safer.

Rubber-Cal’s line of industrial floor mats is very easy to clean. Any of our rubber products can be cleaned with most household cleansers and a wet mop. Rubber is very good at resisting the degrading effects of moisture, so you do not have to worry about mold or mildew showing up on your industrial rubber matting. As a material, rubber inhibits the growth of microbial hazards that go on to become mold and mildew. Even if there is an accidental water spill or leakage in your factory’s workshop floor, the industrial rubber flooring will not suffer any harm.

Unlike basic carpet or tile flooring, industrial rubber matting is an excellent option whenever protection and durability are needed. Both protection and durability are necessary to have in any industrial setting. Our industrial floor mats made of rubber are the answer for this need. We inventory a variety of attractive rubber flooring products that are made using natural, recycled, or synthetic rubbers. Additionally, these matting items can come in different design options that serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. Some of the options available to customers are the Coin-Grip flooring, diamond plate floor, and corrugated rubber flooring mats. Ultimately, our industrial floor mats are meant to protect both the existing floors and the industrial equipment from harming each other.