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Rubber flooring is a necessity when floor protection matters! It is used in commercial and industrial settings because of its superior surface protection qualities. However, rubber flooring is also very useful to have in place for mobile transportation. Rubber is the ideal material to use for van and trailer flooring. Since vans and trailers are expensive and are intended for long-term use, a flooring solution made of rubber is a cost-effective way to safeguard your investment. Rubber flooring for vans and trailers protect the existing surfaces of the vehicles from moisture and physical damage, while increasing anti-slip traction. As an added bonus, these floor mats for vans and trailers are very easy to install and can be customized according to dimensional needs.

The primary reason why people get rubber van and trailer mats is for the purpose of protecting their vehicles from damage. This is especially important for trailers that are carrying animals like horses and cows in them, or trailers that are transporting heavy objects like vehicles and furniture. Trailer beds often come with bare flooring without any kind of protective trailer flooring option on them. It is not a suitable type of surface for heavy animals to be on. Whether the unprotected trailer bed has livestock or classic cars present on it, the bare surfaces are vulnerable to physical damage in the form of dents and cracks. Damage like that can compromise the safety and functionality of the trailer. Rubber is great for use as livestock trailer flooring in particular because it is a solid barrier against abrasive objects like animal hooves. This durable protection offered by rubber trailer flooring also extends to non-physical sources of damage.

Van & Trailer Flooring
Dark Gray
"Block-Grip" PVC Flooring Rolls
Price: $50.04 – $500.40
Lightweight, Durable Flooring, Available in Custom Lengths
Custom Lengths Up to 50ft.
Dark Gray
"Coin-Grip" Rolls PVC Flooring
Price: $50.04 – $500.40
Modern Design PVC Flooring Rolls, Available in Custom Lengths
Custom Lengths Up to 50ft.
"Coin-Grip (Metallic)" Rolled PVC Flooring
Price: $60.00 – $549.00
Coin or Stud Top Textured Flooring with a Metallic Color Finish, Available in Custom Lengths
Custom Lengths Up to 50ft.
"Corrugated Composite Rib" Rubber Runner Mats
Price: $27.80 – $223.75
Rubber Runner Mats with Extra Toehold in Wet Conditions
0.12 inches
36" or 48"
Custom Lengths Up to 50ft.
"Corrugated Fine Rib" Rubber Runner Mats
Price: $27.80 – $223.75
Indoor/Outdoor Anti-Slip Runners and Mats
0.12 inches
36" or 48"
Custom Lengths Up to 50ft.
"Corrugated Ramp-Cleat" Rubber Runners
Price: $27.80 – $208.50
Perfect Anti-Slip Mats for Inclines, Ramps, and Walkways
Custom Lengths Up to 50ft.
"Corrugated Wide Rib" Rubber Runner Mats
Price: $27.80 – $223.75
Indoor/Outdoor Slip-Resistant Rubber Floor Runners
36" or 48"
Custom Lengths Up to 50ft.
Dark Gray
"Diamond-Grip" Rolled PVC Matting
Price: $50.04 – $500.40
Lightweight, Easy to Install Flooring, Available in Custom Lengths
Custom Lengths Up to 50ft.
“Diamond-Plate (Metallic)” PVC Flooring Rolls
Price: $60.00 – $549.00
Durable PVC Flooring with a Unique Metallic Color, Perfect for Gyms, Garages, and Basements
just under 1/8” inch
Custom Lengths Up to 50ft.
Blue Dot
Candy Corn
Green Dot
All Black
Red Dot
Blue Steel
"Elephant Bark" Rubberized Flooring
Price: $34.00 – $462.50
US Made Recycled Rubber Rolls, Sold in Custom Lengths!
3/16", 1/4", 3/8"
Custom lengths up to 50ft.
"Equine-Flex" Horse Stall Mat
Price: $90.00
Incredibly Affordable Horse Stall or Floor Protection Mat
4 ft x 6 ft
"Horse Stall Mat" Heavy-Duty Rubber Mat
Price: $80.00 – $90.00
Excellent Floor Protector Mat Promotes Drainage and Comfort
3/4" and 1/2"
4ft x 6ft
"Maxx-Tuff" Heavy-Duty Mats
Price: $39.00 – $99.00
Thick Protective Floor Mat Made for Impact Resistance
4ft. x 6ft., 3ft. x 4ft., 2ft. x 3ft.
"Recycled Rubber Flooring" Rubber Rolls
Price: $26.25 – $135.00
Resilient and Affordable Rubber Rolls Available in Custom Lengths
1/4" or 3/8"
Custom Lengths Up to 50ft.
"ZCycle" Rubber Flooring Roll
Price: $27.50 – $137.50
Recycled Rubber Flooring that is Ultra-Durable and Affordable
25 & 50ft.
"ZCycle" Interlocking Rubber Tile
Price: $20.31
US Made Recycled Rubber Tiles, Perfect for Commercial and Home Gyms
28.5" x 28.5"
Chemrex CX-941 Adhesive 2 Gallon
Price: $125.00
Chemrex CX-941 Adhesive 2 Gallon
2 gallon
Chemrex CX-941 Adhesive 5 Gallon
Price: $250.00
Chemrex CX-941 Adhesive 5 Gallon
5 gallon
DS Shurtape
Price: $25.00
DS Shurtape (Double-Sided Carpet Tape)
Sika-Flex 227 (Flooring) Seam Sealant
Price: $15.00
Sika-Flex 227 (Flooring) Seam Sealant (Multi-purpose polyurethane adhesive/sealant)

Trailer mats are necessary for guarding against another type of hazard: moisture. For example, in the business of animal transport, moisture in the form of animal waste is often present. Or in the case of vehicle trailers that have automobiles in them, oil, grease, and other miscellaneous fluids may leak onto the trailer’s exposed surfaces. In most circumstances, moisture can be very damaging to certain surfaces. Stains often leave a permanent mark, but mold and mildew can develop in more serious cases. Vehicle and livestock trailer flooring made of rubber helps prevent such damage from occurring. Rubber repels moisture and does not allow for organisms to grow on it. Not only do the rubber trailer mats prevent moisture related damage, they also benefit the end user by being very easy to clean with water. You can hose your trailer flooring down with water without worrying about mold developing on the mat’s surfaces.

A very important consideration in any type of rubber flooring for vans and trailers is traction. The great feature about rubber is that it comes with a naturally high level of friction. This trait gives feet and various other objects more grip and stability. It will help prevent people and animals from slipping or sliding while the trailer is on the move. This enhanced traction also applies to situations where you are transporting other physical objects like vehicles, furniture, barrels, or boxes that contain commercial goods. They are more likely to stay in place when placed on rubber instead of wood or metal. For added traction, some of our trailer mats come with specially designed surfaced textures that are aimed at increasing traction and stability levels. Anti-slip safety is crucial when the vehicle is on the move.

You will be glad to know that Rubber-Cal’s line of van and trailer flooring is very easy to install. Our floor mats for vans and trailers come in the form of rolls. They can be ordered in custom lengths depending on the size considerations of your vehicle. If you need to cut your trailer flooring rolls even further, you can easily to do so with a straight edge and utility knife. When you have the right sized trailer mats, you will find that installing them is an easy Do-It-Yourself process that will spare you the cost of hiring extra help. Our line of rubber flooring for vans and trailers can be installed with the aid of double-sided tape. By using tape, you allow yourself the ability to move the mats around as you see fit. They are a re-usable and versatile flooring option.

A key feature about most of our van and trailer flooring products is that most are made with eco-friendly recycled rubber. Recycled rubber products provide superior levels of durability against damage from physical and environmental sources. This is due to the fact that the rubber used in their composition comes from vehicle tires. Tire rubber is often exposed to harsh conditions like grinding against asphalt and exposed to UV rays. This superior level of strength is transferred over to our floor mats for vans and trailers, so you can rest easy whenever your vehicle beds are exposed to the elements.

The benefits of rubber van and trailer flooring are easy to see. Whether your vehicle is being used to transport commercial goods or livestock, trailer flooring made of rubber is an essential asset to have in place. The eco-friendly rubber that they are made from will help keep surfaces safe from any physical and environmental harm. Anti-slip surface textures mean that the rubber’s already considerable safety qualities are further enhanced, so neither you, your animals, vehicles, furniture, or containers will slip or slide around. Best of all, these great features are available in an affordable and easy-to-install form. Protect yourself with our line of van and trailer flooring.