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Rubber mats are one of those very common and often obsequious items that most people tend to overlook. They are often present in one form or another in residential, commercial, and industrial venues. Here at Rubber-Cal, we specialize in bringing to market quality rubber matting products for a wide variety of applications. Our line of rubber floor mats is classified into several different categories according to their use. We inventory anti-slip floor mats, boat deck mats, kitchen mats, comfort mats, fitness equipment mats, protector mats, industrial mats, stair treads, and even animal stall mats! If you need quality rubber floor matting, then you have come to the right place.

Generally, rubber mats serve a protective purpose. A common feature among them is that they protect the existing floors of the area on which they are placed. Having dependable mats in place can prevent costly damage to your existing wood, tile, laminate, or even concrete floors. Some of our floor mats come in standard mat sizes, for example 4 ft x 6 ft, to protect a specific area from harm. We also offer rolls of rubber matting for a wider area of floor protection. Floor protection is crucial for any area, whether it is a home or industrial workshop.

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Another common feature among them is the fact that they are all made of rubber. We use natural, recycled, and synthetic rubbers in our rubber matting. The specific type of rubber used in a particular product depends on the mat in question. However, these rubber mats all possess the same general protective qualities that make rubber such a great material. Rubber, whether natural, recycled, or synthetic, tends to be both durable and elastic. This means that rubber floor mats can endure the impact of heavy physical objects and prevent that force from reaching the subfloors below them. Additionally, they are elastic enough to be comfortable to stand on. In fact, our line of comfort rubber matting is specifically designed to enhance the overall comfort for those standing on top of them.

Rubber floor matting also helps to increase the safety of an area for everyone. Rubber is a material that naturally comes with a high coefficient of friction. This means that it provides more traction for your feet. The more traction your feet have, the less likely you are to suffer a nasty slip-and-fall accident. Traction is a crucial feature in our anti-slip rubber mats and stair treads because they are specifically meant to enhance your safety in wet or otherwise slippery areas.

Speaking of wetness, moisture is another potential hazard that needs to be guarded against. Water, whether in the form of rain, snow, or spilled drinks, can make an area unsafe and slippery. If left unchecked for long enough, it even develops mold and mildew on some materials. Not on rubber mats! Entire rolls of rubber matting can be soaked in water and they will still offer excellent traction, nor will they suffer mold damage. The secret behind this lies in the rubber material itself. Rubber still has excellent traction capabilities even when wet. More importantly, however, it prevents water from forming microbial byproducts that can eventually go on to become mold and mildew. This feature will help keep both you and your surrounding area clean and healthy.

Our rubber mats come in several different forms. As mentioned earlier, they can come as standard sized mats or as rolls of rubber matting. In addition to these, some of our rubber floor mats are available in interlocking tile form. This type of flooring has become extremely popular in recent years and we are proud to say that we offer a variety of interlock rubber matting. Often used in gyms and playgrounds, they are very easy to install. They interlock either with connector pins or by puzzle-like edges, depending on the specific tile mat.

No matter what form you choose to get your rubber mats, they are all easy to install. Some rubber floor matting can simply be dropped into place without having you break a sweat. Tiles are an easy DIY project that can be installed with in no time. Rolls of rubber matting simply need to be rolled out into place. For an added sense of security most rubber mats can be installed with double-sided tape. Especially since they generally tend to be heavy enough to stay in place by themselves.

The benefits of having rubber mats are clear. Rubber is the perfect material to have for protection against hazardous slips and floor damage. Utilizing natural, recycled, and synthetic rubbers, our various rubber floor mats offer you high quality at affordable rates! No matter what type of area you have, whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial, invest in the superior protective benefits of rubber mats to keep you, others, and the area around you clean and safe

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