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There are many ways to make use of your garage. A garage can be converted into a home gym, an automotive workshop, and even a brand new bedroom! But the one thing that you should consider adding is the right kind of garage floor covering. Regardless of how a garage is used, it is very hard to find another kind of flooring that can beat the strength, comfort, and ease of installation which rubber garage flooring can provide. Rubber-Cal offers garage flooring options in both rolled rubber flooring and interlocking tile forms so that you can have the best type of floor protection choices to choose from.

A key feature of rubber garage floor covering is protection. Rubber garage mats are meant to protect the existing flooring of your garage area. Rubber can guard against a range of damages that may occur from heavy objects and moisture. Garages tend to see the presence of heavier objects in them. These can range from cars to automotive equipment, and even beds. The sheer weight of these objects can cause damaging marks that may affect the overall appearance and integrity of your garage area. Rubber is ideal for absorbing the impact of heavy abrasive objects. In addition to damage from solid objects, rubber garage floor covering is great at repelling the harmful effects of water. Excess moisture can eventually develop unwanted byproducts like mold. Rubber does not harbor organisms and unlike carpets or wood products it will not serve as a host of mold. It is a much better guard against moisture than existing wood or laminate floors. Rubber garage flooring is ideal for shielding any existing floors against potentially costly damages.

Garage Floor Covering
"Armor Lock" Interlocking Rubber Tiles
Price: $21.00
Easy-to-Install, Durable, Rubber Flooring Made from Reclaimed Rubber
24" x 24"
Dark Gray
"Coin-Grip" Rolls PVC Flooring
Price: $50.04 – $500.40
Modern Design PVC Flooring Rolls, Available in Custom Lengths
Custom Lengths Up to 50ft.
"Coin-Grip (Metallic)" Rolled PVC Flooring
Price: $60.00 – $549.00
Coin or Stud Top Textured Flooring with a Metallic Color Finish, Available in Custom Lengths
Custom Lengths Up to 50ft.
"Armor-Lock (Fitness)" Interlocking Rubber Tile
Price: $12.00
Highly Modular and Resilient Interlocking Rubber Tile
Just under 3/8" thick
20" x 20" (approximate)
Dark Gray
"Diamond-Grip" Rolled PVC Matting
Price: $50.04 – $500.40
Lightweight, Easy to Install Flooring, Available in Custom Lengths
Custom Lengths Up to 50ft.
“Diamond-Plate (Metallic)” PVC Flooring Rolls
Price: $60.00 – $549.00
Durable PVC Flooring with a Unique Metallic Color, Perfect for Gyms, Garages, and Basements
just under 1/8” inch
Custom Lengths Up to 50ft.
Terra Cotta
"Eco-Sport 1-inch" Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tiles
Price: $0.05 – $25.41
Interlocking Recycled Rubber Flooring, Ideal for Gyms and Play Areas
19.5” x 19.5”
Terra Cotta
"Eco-Sport 3/4-inch" Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tiles
Price: $0.05 – $23.25
Ultra Durable, DIY Rubber Tiles, Ideal for Playgrounds and Gyms!
19.5" x 19.5"
Blue Dot
Candy Corn
Green Dot
All Black
Red Dot
Blue Steel
"Elephant Bark" Rubberized Flooring
Price: $34.00 – $462.50
US Made Recycled Rubber Rolls, Sold in Custom Lengths!
3/16", 1/4", 3/8"
Custom lengths up to 50ft.
"Puzzle-Lock" Rubber Interlocking Mats
Price: $8.00
Affordable and Durable Interlocking Rubber Tiles
20" x 20"
"Recycled Rubber Flooring" Rubber Rolls
Price: $26.25 – $135.00
Resilient and Affordable Rubber Rolls Available in Custom Lengths
1/4" or 3/8"
Custom Lengths Up to 50ft.
"Revolution" Interlocking Flooring Tiles
Price: $8.00 – $31.00
Interlocking Cushioned Flooring Tiles, Perfect for Gyms or Garages
36" x 36"
"Revolution Diamond-Plate" Interlocking Floor Tiles
Price: $8.00 – $35.00
DIY Comfort Floor Made of Natural and Reclaimed Rubbers
36" x 36"
Slate Stone
Kalahari Desert
Mt. Olympus
"Terra-Flex" Roll Rubber Flooring
Price: $105.00 – $945.00
Premium Rubber Flooring Rolls Available in Earth Tones and Light Colors
Dark Gray
Light Tan Fleck
"Terra-Flex" Interlocking Flooring Tiles
Price: $34.50
Premium Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles Available in Earth Tones!
24" x 24" (approximate)
"Tuff-n-Lastic" Anti-Slip Flooring
Price: $24.00 – $180.00
Reclaimed Safety Rubber Mat Improves Traction and Resilience
Custom Lengths Up to 50ft.
"ZCycle" Interlocking Rubber Tile
Price: $20.31
US Made Recycled Rubber Tiles, Perfect for Commercial and Home Gyms
28.5" x 28.5"
Dark Gray
"Block-Grip" PVC Flooring Rolls
Price: $50.04 – $500.40
Lightweight, Durable Flooring, Available in Custom Lengths
Custom Lengths Up to 50ft.
Chemrex CX-941 Adhesive 2 Gallon
Price: $125.00
Chemrex CX-941 Adhesive 2 Gallon
2 gallon
Chemrex CX-941 Adhesive 5 Gallon
Price: $250.00
Chemrex CX-941 Adhesive 5 Gallon
5 gallon
DS Shurtape
Price: $25.00
DS Shurtape (Double-Sided Carpet Tape)
Sika-Flex 227 (Flooring) Seam Sealant
Price: $15.00
Sika-Flex 227 (Flooring) Seam Sealant (Multi-purpose polyurethane adhesive/sealant)

Luckily, this superior floor protection is very easy to install. Our line of garage floor covering can come in the form of rolled rubber garage mats or as interlocking garage floor tiles. They share similar protective qualities despite coming in different forms. Garage flooring options that come in the form of flooring rolls can be ordered in custom lengths so that they better suit the specific dimensions of your garage space. This kind of garage floor covering can be easily installed to surfaces with double-sided tape. Using tape will help keep them attached firmly to the ground. If you desire an alternative to rolled rubber mats, then consider our line of interlocking garage floor tiles. These rubber tiles are known for being very simple to handle. Some tiles come in puzzle forms, which mean that their edges are designed to lock onto each other like pieces of a puzzle. Other tiles come with holes on their sides that are meant for special connector pins. These pins hold the tiles together firmly. Garage floor covering in the form of tiles can be used as a temporary flooring solution, so they can be easily moved around as you see fit. Our line of rubber garage flooring makes for a great Do-It-Yourself project that will save you the unnecessary expense of hiring outside help. More importantly, however, it is an efficient way to improve an area’s comfort and safety.

Regardless of the type of rubber garage floor covering used in the room, the floors will be more comfortable to walk on. Rubber is much softer than bare concrete floors. Some of our rubber garage mats come with different thickness gauges that are meant to provide an extra degree of comfort for the feet standing on top of them. This is a very useful quality to have. For example, if you use your garage as a fitness area or a workshop you will often find yourself on your feet quite a bit. Pressure can slowly build around your soles, ankles, and lower back, causing increasing amounts of discomfort. Rubber garage flooring can go a long way in minimizing the chance of discomfort occurring because it relieves such pressure.

An increase in comfort will also lead to an increase in safety. With a rubber garage floor covering secured in the area, your feet will benefit from anti-slip traction. Again, this is due to the rubber material that composes our garage flooring options. Rubber comes with an innately superior level of grip that will provide the traction your feet require. Some of our rubber garage mats and interlocking garage floor tiles are designed with special surface textures that are meant to enhance traction. Consider such surface textures when you have safety in mind.

Garage floor covering made of rubber is a great investment. It is a necessity to have. With our easy to install garage flooring options coming in the forms of rolled rubber garage mats and interlocking garage floor tiles, you will have strong floor protection at affordable rates. Their considerable anti-slip and anti-fatigue qualities will also help make your garage area be more safe and comfortable. Protect your garage area with Rubber-Cal’s line of garage floor covering!