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Kennel Flooring

We live in the most pet friendly societies in the world. Go outside and the chances of you seeing someone walking their dog are pretty good. Beyond that, you might even own a dog or two yourself! Here at Rubber-Cal, we love dogs too and appreciate the fact that you care for your best friend. We aim to help you meet your animal care needs by providing durable rubber kennel flooring that is affordable and easy to clean.

A kennel is only as good as you make it. With the proper care and attention, a kennel can be a comfortable retreat for your dog when it gets tired of playing around. Otherwise, a kennel can be a miserable place that your dog might try to stay far away from. Our inventory of kennel flooring options will make sure that your kennel area will be one that your dog will love to stay in.

There are many reasons why you should have rubber mats for dogs in your kennel area, but the most important reason should be for the comfort of your dog. Kennel areas often come with no kind of dog-friendly flooring whatsoever. It is regularly the case that the existing floors will be simple concrete or dirt. This is not comfortable for your dog at all. Concrete is a cold hard surface that provides no comfort for the animal’s paws. In contrast, our rubber kennel mats are comfortable for dogs to stand and lay on. Rubber has a better degree of elasticity than concrete, meaning that a dog’s paws are less likely to suffer from fatigue. Kennel flooring made of rubber also serves as a protective barrier between the existing surfaces of an area and the dog’s paws. Your dog’s nails might get chipped on concrete or dirt. Sometimes such accidents cause great pain to the animal and your wallet. Paws are much safer and comfortable when rubber kennel flooring is underneath them.

Every owner knows that dogs are not the cleanest members of the animal kingdom. A lot of waste usually accompanies them, usually in both solid and liquid form. Luckily for you and other owners out there, our kennel mats are very easy to clean. Since our various kennel flooring options are made of rubber, they can easily be washed off with water. Rubber exhibits superior levels of resistance against moisture. Unlike other materials, rubber does not allow for moisture-related byproducts to form on its surface. In addition to repelling water, the rubber in our kennel flooring is safe to clean with common household soaps. This easy level of maintenance allows for very long lasting dog-friendly flooring.

Our inventory of kennel flooring options is mostly made of eco-friendly natural and recycled rubbers. This is very beneficial to consumers because kennel mats made of recycled rubber are more affordable than those made of synthetic rubbers. This type of “Green” rubber is very desirable to have as kennel flooring because they have superior durability against physical abrasions. For example, they can handle the vigorous activity of an energetic animal without suffering any lasting damage to their surfaces. Rubber mats for dogs are meant to last and are readily available at a low competitive price.

Another benefit that comes with recycled rubber is its ability to resist harsh outdoor environments. Recycled rubber is usually made from the rubber of vehicle tires. These tires often contain amounts of synthetic EPDM rubber in them. EPDM is known to have superior resistance against ozone and UV rays. They are commonly used in tires because tires are expected to be exposed to outdoor elements on a regular basis. Recycled rubber inherits this weather-resistant EPDM quality. Since dog kennels are usually outdoors, recycled rubber mats for dogs are perfect for use as kennel flooring. This eco-conscious dog-friendly flooring will not suffer from the cracks and discoloration that ozone and UV rays tend to cause in other materials.

It is easy to see why kennel flooring is important to have. As the saying goes, “A dog is a man’s best friend.” Your dog is always there for you. Show your dog a little love by getting the proper kennel flooring installed in its resting area. It is an eco-friendly and affordable way to keep your dog safe and comfortable in the outdoors. Since they are easy to clean with water and soap, your overall workload will be reduced. This type of rubber flooring is also strong enough to handle the physical abrasions that come from your dogs as well as the more environmental ones that come from outdoor weather. Without any kennel flooring, your dog’s home away from home is incomplete.