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Snowplow blades are an essential item to have if you live in an area that sees regular snowfall. In these regions of the country, snow equipment is a regular sight and snowplowing serves as a business unto itself. Here at Rubber-Cal, we provide durable and affordable Skirtboard rubber plow blades that can handle the rigors of snowy conditions. Our snow plow parts are abrasion resistant, can handle broad temperature ranges, and possess an outstanding resistance to some chemicals, ozone, sunlight, and other adverse weather conditions. Keep in mind that we offer three different grades of snowplow blades based on their tensile strength.

Our snowplow blades come in different tensile strengths. These are 725 PSI, 1500 PSI, and 2000 PSI. Tensile strength, often noted using PSI, determines how strong and resistant to breaking a piece of rubber is. For example, 725 PSI rubber plow blades are meant for lighter, residential use. These long-lasting blades also feature a decent level of flexibility. They are still strong, but they are outclassed by the 1500 PSI and 2000 PSI tensile snow plow parts. These latter two are meant for heavier commercial use and are not as flexible as their residential counterpart. They feature enhanced levels of durability resistance, making them ideal for exposure to chilly conditions for longer periods of time. When ordering your snowplow blades, consider what grade of rubber you will need for the job.

Rubber Snowplow Cutting Edges
Rubber Snowplow Cutting Edge 725 PSI
Price: $26.40 – $1,693.60
Tough and Flexible Plow Blades Great For Shock Absorption and Protecting Plow Surface
1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.5"
4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 36", 48"
Custom Lengths Up to 50ft.
Rubber Snowplow Blades 1500 PSI
Price: $93.25 – $1,732.00
Snowplow Blades Offer Durability and Flexibility For Use Over Hard Surfaces
1", 1.5"
6" , 8", 10"
Custom Lengths Up to 50ft.
Rubber Snowplow Blades 2000 PSI
Price: $122.20 – $1,222.00
Very Durable Snowplow Blades Used For Heavy-Duty Applications
6", 8"
Custom Lengths Up to 50ft.

When people go into the market for snowplow blades, durability is the primary feature they look for. Rubber-Cal’s line of snow equipment blades fulfills this desire. They are first and foremost long-lasting blades. Made of Skirtboard rubber with varying tensile strength levels, you are bound to have a durable rubber product when you get rubber plow blades from us. These blades are designed to take physical abuse.

Our Skirtboard rubber material is often a blend of natural rubber and styrene butadiene rubber. SBR is a synthetic elastomer that is known for good durability and endurance in outdoor conditions. It is sometimes used in vehicle tires because of its strength. When used for snowplow blades, you benefit from SBR’s ability to resist moisture and low temperatures. It can survive temperatures that go as low as -20° F. It is no secret that snow brings very cold temperatures, so be prepared with durable rubber plow blades that won’t get damaged in frosty conditions.

However, there is always a concern about the safety of the surfaces that the snowplow will be travelling on. It is best to avoid using metal blades because they can damage the surfaces they are dragged along. Worse still, by damaging surfaces, they can also rebound and cause harm to the vehicle. Rubber is the ideal material to use for snowplow blades because despite its tough durability, it is soft enough to not damage the surfaces it makes contact with. It ultimately acts as a barrier between the metal of the snow equipment and the hard surfaces below.

We recognize that different types of snowplow machines will require specific sizes of rubber plow blades. Our snowplow blades are available for custom fabrication. All we require are the exact specifications of your vehicle and what grade of tensile rubber you want. We make sure that you receive high quality and affordable snowplow blades.

Rubber is by far the best option to use for snow plow parts. Our products are long-lasting blades that will help you manage the snow in your area more efficiently. Rubber blades give you the advantage of operating without having to worry about the vehicle or the road surfaces being damaged. We make it a point to offer you blades that are customized to your needs. You will find that our blend of natural and SBR elastomers make for the best snowplow blades that money can buy.