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Boat Deck Mats

Boats are a way of life for many people. They can be an integral part of a family’s living or they can be recreational objects for those looking to get away from land for a while. As tough as modern seafaring vessels are, they can still be potential areas of hazard. Without the proper rubber boat deck mats in place, the risk of moisture related slip and fall accidents occurring increases. Rubber flooring also protects wooden boat flooring and increases its life in the face of foot-traffic and the elements. Additionally, they aid in keeping you comfortable on your feet while standing for extended periods of time. Rubber-Cal makes it a point to offer yacht and ship owners a quality line of rubber flooring for boats that can help increase anti-slip safety, enhance anti-fatigue comfort, and provide superior base flooring protection at competitive rates.

Since ships are meant to be out on water, it is only natural that the surfaces of your equipment will get wet and slippery. Unfortunately, this increases the chance of a dangerous accident occurring. The danger is made worse because such accidents can lead to people falling overboard. Boat deck mats made of rubber are great safeguards against slips. This is due to rubber’s naturally high level of traction and grip. It helps keep feet gripped safely and securely on the surface of the marine flooring. This greatly reduces the chance of someone losing his or her footing and suffering an accident. When people are safe, they will be more happy and comfortable.

Speaking of comfort, rubber flooring for boats helps provide plenty of that too. The rubber material in some of our boat deck mats is soft enough to relieve the feet and ankles of built-up pressure that can accumulate over prolonged periods of standing. This anti-fatigue comfort is highly desirable for fishermen who stand on their feet for hours at a time. Beyond that, anti-fatigue comfort is a generally desired quality for any kind of boat flooring, no matter what the boat is used for. This feature of our boat deck mats will help make sure that everyone on the ship is comfortable and happy.

Boat deck mats are also crucial for protecting the base surfacing that marine vessels come with. Normally, these outside surfaces tend to be made of wood although some are known to use metal flooring. These are vulnerable to the elements. Wood, in particular, can be damaged by both prolonged exposure to sunlight and by corrosive salt water. Having a rubber boat floor covering in place will help guard wooden surfaces against environmental damage. The rubber in these boat deck mats is perfect for this type of protection because it features a superior degree of moisture resistance than wood. The chances of moisture related byproducts such as mold appearing are also greatly reduced because rubber inhibits the development of such organisms on its surface. Although not entirely immune, rubber tends to have more longevity than other materials in the presence of water. The protection offered by rubber marine flooring does not stop there.

In addition to guarding marine surfaces against moisture, boat deck mats also help in preventing physical damage from occurring. Rubber is naturally tough and durable material. A rubber boat floor covering is an excellent barrier between sensitive bases and heavy weights. Wooden floors can be damaged by both constant foot traffic and by the press of heavy metal or plastic equipment. Repairing such damage can be very expensive, so having boat flooring made of rubber laid out on the surfaces will help you save money in the long term. Rubber marine flooring can absorb the impacts of heavy weights and offer a protective layer at very affordable rates.

Some of Rubber-Cal’s boat deck mats are made of recycled rubber. Recycled rubber is an eco-friendly product that helps reduce your carbon footprint while offering an increased level of durability. The types of rubber flooring for boats that are made with recycled rubber material are cost-effective alternatives to products made of synthetic materials.

Boat deck mats made of rubber are the best kind of boat flooring to have. Every marine vessel needs boat floor covering that can keep both it and the people within it safe. Our line of boat deck mats is designed to offer the best anti-slip safety and anti-fatigue foot comfort. Marine surfaces will also be shielded from both the elements and equipment. Safe vessels are happy ones, so make sure to get the best flooring protection for your prized possession.