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Modular Floor Tiles

Sometimes people pay third-party professional contractors to install their rubber flooring for them. This is an expensive and unnecessary cost. Rubber-Cal has a solution that can save you from added expenses while empowering you with the ability to complete the job on your own: modular floor tiles. Our line of easy to install rubber interlocking mats provides the resilience and floor protection necessary for both residential and commercial applications while still offering a high degree of comfort. Best of all, this kind of temporary flooring makes for the perfect Do-It-Yourself project that can be moved and re-used as your needs change. You can go it solo or call a friend or two over.

Our modular floor tiles come in different forms that help facilitate an easy installation process. Just by looking at their design one can see how they are meant to be simple DIY projects. Some of our interlocking tiles are available in the form of puzzle mats. These are mats that are designed with edges shaped like the grooves of puzzle pieces. This makes it easy for them to lock into each other with ease. Another form of rubber interlocking mats are available in solid squares with connector holes dotting their side edges. These types of modular floor tiles have special connecting pins that are meant to hold the tiles firmly together. The reason behind these different types of rubber tiles is to give you options while making the installation process as simple and efficient for you as possible. It will help you save crucial time and money that could be used for other purposes.

Our modular floor tiles do not sacrifice durable protection for the sake of easy handling. In fact, they combine the two together. Each of our interlocking tiles is made of a variety of rubber, most commonly natural and recycled rubbers. Rubber is a durable material that is ideal to use as flooring because it can withstand physical abrasions and repel the harmful effects of moisture. Recycled rubber, in particular, features an enhanced degree of resistance to damaging UV rays, making recycled rubber interlocking mats ideal for outdoor applications like playground flooring. Rubber tiles guard existing floors such as wood from any damage that may occur from high volumes of foot traffic or the weight of heavy objects. Water will also have a hard time damaging modular floor tiles made from rubber because it cannot seep into the material and form any mold. Rubber resists the formation of organic byproducts. It is hard to find the level of superior flooring protection that our rubber modular floor tiles provide in such an easy and portable package.

Of course, one can never forget about comfort. No matter what you use rubber interlocking tiles for, be it a garage, gym, or a playground, the rubber material will sooth and comfort. Modular floor tiles are a great cushioning solution. Some of our puzzle mats come with enhanced thickness levels to provide a layer of better cushioning. This can relieve any pressure that is built-up in your soles and ankles. Some other types of rubber tiles are soft enough to provide a comfortable degree of bounce. Such a floor tile is ideal to use over very hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt. It will combine comfort with safety, providing a softer surface to fall on than hard concrete. Take this temporary flooring wherever you need to in order to keep everyone comfortable.

Our modular floor tiles also accommodate different aesthetic requirements. Rubber-Cal’s line of rubber tiles come in several different color options, so you can mix and match them to fit your aesthetic preferences. The interchangeable nature of our temporary flooring also means that you are free to experiment with different color schemes as you see fit. Interlocking tiles and puzzle mats really allow you to exercise your creative muscles.

Given all of these great features, it is easy to see why this type of flooring is popular. These tough rubber tiles are a cost-effective flooring option that will help you keep your floors protected against physical and environmental harm while keeping you and everyone else comfortable while standing on them. Best of all, modular floor tiles are easy to install DIY items that will spare you the unwanted expense of hiring outside help. They are available in a variety of forms and colors so that you have a range of choices to choose from. Consider rubber modular floor tiles for your next project.