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A lot of injuries are caused by falls to the ground. Such falls happen regularly on park and school playgrounds across the nation. Unfortunately, most playgrounds come with asphalt or concrete surfacing. These are unacceptable types of playground surfaces because they are very rough and hard with zero shock absorbing properties. The types of injuries that children can sustain from concrete and asphalt can end up being life threatening. Sometimes grass and turf are used in playgrounds, but their shock absorbing qualities are minimal. One of the biggest disadvantages that grass surfaces face is that they tend to be very susceptible to degradation through both physical wear and environmental conditions.

A playground area needs to be safe. Rubber-Cal appreciates this need for safety and offers an excellent line of safety surfacing for playgrounds. It is crucial to have rubber playground mats in place because of their protective shock absorbing qualities and for the comfort they provide to those playing on them. Since our play floor tiles are made of rubber, you will have an easy to install safety solution at a very affordable price!

Playground Surfaces
Terra Cotta
"Eco-Safety 2.5-inch" Rubber Playground Surfacing
Price: $24.90 – $32.50
Recycled Playground Tiles, Cushion Falls Up to 6 Feet!
19.5” x 19.5”
Terra Cotta
"Eco-Sport 1-inch" Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tiles
Price: $0.05 – $25.41
Interlocking Recycled Rubber Flooring, Ideal for Gyms and Play Areas
19.5” x 19.5”
Terra Cotta
"Eco-Sport 3/4-inch" Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tiles
Price: $0.05 – $23.25
Ultra Durable, DIY Rubber Tiles, Ideal for Playgrounds and Gyms!
19.5" x 19.5"
Chemrex CX-941 Adhesive 2 Gallon
Price: $125.00
Chemrex CX-941 Adhesive 2 Gallon
2 gallon
Chemrex CX-941 Adhesive 5 Gallon
Price: $250.00
Chemrex CX-941 Adhesive 5 Gallon
5 gallon
Blue Steel
Candy Corn
"Eco-Safety 3-inch" Rubber Playground Tiles
Price: $44.50
Comfortable, Safe, and Easy to Install Interlocking Rubber Playground Flooring
19.5” x 19.5”

Since playgrounds are often located outdoors, it is important to have flooring that can endure in outdoor conditions. Our playground matting is able to do this because it is made using eco-friendly recycled rubber material. Recycled rubber is advantageous because it is made from recycled tire which are designed to last outdoor for years! Our rubber playground mats exhibit a superior degree of resistance to UV rays, ozone, and water. These are qualities which are passed down from the recycled tire raw materials. This durable longevity is available for your playground surfaces at an affordable rate, keeping both your expenses and your environmental impact at a minimum.

The most important aspect of having the proper safety surfacing for playgrounds is their shock absorbing characteristics. It is the world’s worst kept secret that kids can play rough and often take tumbles in the process, so shock absorption is the primary feature you want to have in playground surfaces. Rubber is a superior and safer alternative to hard asphalt, so a fall onto a shock absorbent surface is less likely to cause a serious injury than a fall onto a hard surface. Some of our rubber playground mats are soft enough to provide a cushioned surface on which to fall on. Safety and comfort often go hand in hand.

Rubber playground surfaces are far superior to hard surface alternatives not only due to their safety qualities, but also the enhanced comfort they provide. The rubber material used in our playground matting makes this comfort possible. Children may be full of energy, but even they can feel fatigued after a while. Our playground surfaces are designed to be comfortable for feet. Some play floor tiles are thick and soft enough to provide a degree of bounce, meaning that the likelihood of pressure affecting the feet while they are standing on these elastic surfaces is greatly reduced. The anti-fatigue capabilities of our rubber playground mats are hard to beat.

All of this safety and comfort is easy to install. Most of our playground matting comes in the form of tile mats. Their simple installation has made them very popular. Sometimes people need help with installing rolls of flooring and often end up spending money on third party help. Rubber play floor tiles eliminate that problem because they make such a great DIY project. Playground surfacing tiles generally come with pins that connect the tiles to one another. This type of modular flooring is a great alternative to rolled flooring because it allows for a greater degree of design mobility.

Speaking of design, our playground surfaces can also be customized to suit aesthetic needs. We offer playground matting tiles that come in different colors like red, blue, and green. It is possible to mix and match colors as you see fit. These color options only serve to enhance their design mobility. Safety surfacing for playgrounds should look good while keeping the children safe, and our line of mats will make your playground surfaces stand out.

Grass, concrete, and asphalt are not the proper playground surfaces to have. Rubber is the ideal material to use as play area flooring. Rubber playground mats provide playground surfaces with enhanced shock absorbent protection and superior levels of anti-fatigue comfort. These benefits are available in an eco-friendly and easy to install form that will save you both time and money! Best of all, those rough and tumble kids can keep on playing as they like because they will be safer.