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Fitness Equipment Mats

Exercise has become a mainstay of everyday American life. Residential and commercial gyms have popped up across the country. Fitness is now both an industry and a way of life. However, gyms are full of heavy equipment that can damage existing flooring as well as suffer damage themselves. Rubber-Cal’s fitness equipment mats provide the protection necessary for both home and commercial gym floors while offering a high degree of anti-fatigue comfort and anti-slip traction. Our exercise flooring products come in a variety of forms and gauges which can suit a wide variety of practical and aesthetic demands. Some workout equipment mats are even made of affordable and eco-friendly recycled rubber. No matter what kind of gym you may have, rubber fitness flooring is a necessity.

The most apparent benefit of having fitness equipment mats in place is that the area’s existing floors will be protected. It is never a good idea to place workout equipment like barbells or treadmills on a surface like wood because there will be significant damage to the floor. This is especially true in commercial facilities. Rubber exercise flooring, such as a treadmill mat or an elliptical mat, is the perfect protective barrier between the floor and the machine. Rubber is durable enough to absorb the weight related impact and vibration of workout equipment. This prevents any force from making contact with a sensitive surface. Our line of rubber fitness flooring can help you save money on potentially expensive repairs.

Not only will an area’s existing flooring be protected, but so too will the actual equipment in the gym. Damage can be a two-way street. While a treadmill may damage a wooden surface, it can also sustain damage to itself. With a rubber treadmill mat or elliptical mat in place the risk of your expensive machine being damaged is vastly minimized. As durable as the rubber in our fitness equipment mats may be, the material is still soft enough to be forgiving to whatever may be on top of it. This also includes you.

Your comfort level is a crucial factor to you getting a good workout. Rubber fitness flooring is much more comfortable to exercise on than simple bare wooden or concrete floors. Some of our fitness equipment mats come in gauges that are specifically designed to enhance the comfort as well as floor protection`. These anti-fatigue qualities benefit you by relieving your back and feet or pressure that can build up through prolonged strenuous activity. This means that you can exercise on our workout equipment mats for longer periods of time with enhanced levels of comfort.

In addition to their anti-fatigue properties, some of our fitness equipment mats also help to keep you safe with anti-slip protection. Traction is very important to have when working out. When your feet are secured to the surfaces of our exercise flooring, the risk of a slip and fall accident is greatly reduced. The rubber material in our fitness equipment mats comes with a naturally high degree of grip and traction. This quality makes rubber fitness flooring ideal for anti-slip safety.

Whenever it is possible, Rubber-Cal aims to provide you with cost-effective workout equipment mats that are made using eco-friendly reclaimed and recycled rubbers. The biggest benefit of these “Green” rubber fitness flooring products is their affordability. They are easier on budgets than their synthetic rubber counterparts. Better yet, recycled rubber fitness equipment mats feature an enhanced degree of durability that can last for long periods of time.

Given these beneficial qualities, it is a no brainer as to why every gym needs rubber fitness equipment mats. Whether a treadmill mat or elliptical mat is made of natural rubber or reclaimed rubber, they will offer a superior degree of protection for both your existing flooring and your fitness equipment. You will also personally benefit from the anti-slip traction and anti-fatigue comfort they will provide for your body. Use our line of fitness equipment mats to get the most out of your exercises!