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When people think of flooring, they often think of wood, tile, laminate, and carpet. These are common types of flooring that most areas already come with. However, each one is susceptible to damage from either physical objects or environmental factors such as moisture. One type of flooring that some people may overlook is rubber flooring. It is a fantastic resilient flooring option that provides protection against a variety of potential hazards. Here at Rubber-Cal, we make rubber surfaces a specialty of ours and we aim to provide your area with the highest quality rubber flooring currently on the market.

Our flooring options cover a wide array of uses and applications. We offer rubber flooring for basements, gyms, playgrounds, trailers, garages, dog kennels, and more. In addition, some of our flooring options qualify as eco-friendly products thanks to the natural and recycled rubber materials that they are made from. Eco-friendly rubber flooring tiles and mats offer consumers two key advantages. Firstly, they help reduce non-biodegradable waste in the ecosystem by using old vehicle tires and other unused rubber items. Secondly, as a more direct benefit, they tend to be more affordable than their non-natural synthetic rubber counterparts. We are proud to claim that a lot of our rubber flooring products are eco-friendly!

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Rubber floor covering can come in different forms. We offer protective surfacing in the forms of a rubber flooring roll, rubber flooring tiles, and standard rubber mats. This is so that you have options to choose from. No two applications are alike. One area may be served well with interlocking tiles, while another area would be suited for a runner mat. Regardless of the form of rubber flooring you choose, they are designed to be easy to install. Although some flooring is generally heavy enough to stay in place by itself, you can ensure a firm installation through the use of either polyurethane-based adhesive glue or double-sided tape.

Why have rubber surfaces installed in your auto shop or home gym? The primary reason is for protection. Rubber is an excellent material to have in place as resilient flooring because of its unique physical properties. For starters, a rubber floor covering can prevent physical damage coming to your existing floors. Wood, tile, and laminate types of flooring are very vulnerable to damage. It may come in the form of heavy furniture, exercise equipment, or even a constant stream of heavy foot traffic. With rubber flooring in place, the existing subfloors will be protected against chips and cracks that may be very expensive to repair. Rubber is durable enough to absorb physical impacts and prevent the force from reaching the surfaces below. Our gym, garage, and playground flooring in particular are great examples of how rubber flooring tiles and mats can resist physical damage.

Rubber flooring can also help keep you safe on your feet. It does this by enhancing the level of grip for your feet while they are on top of them. Rubber naturally comes with a high level of friction, which essentially means more traction and stability people on the go. This is a valuable way in keeping you and those around you safe and secure. The chances of painful and embarrassing slip-and-fall accidents occurring are significantly reduced when a rubber floor covering is in place.

Rubber surfaces also help protect against moisture. Although it is often overlooked as a source of potential hazard, water can cause serious and costly damage. Firstly, it normally makes surfaces like wood and tile very slippery. If that is not bad enough, enough water left unchecked over time can cause mold and mildew to form. Rubber flooring prevents this because rubber has an innate ability to resist water. It prohibits the formation of microbial byproducts like mold, which helps to make an area safer and healthier.

The strength that rubber has against moisture also leads to another point that we like to emphasize about some of our flooring products. Some of the resilient flooring options we have can be used comfortably in the outdoors. The secret behind this is the type of rubber used in a particular rubber flooring roll. Recycled rubber can usually function well in outdoor conditions. This resilient flooring material can resist rain, snow, ozone, and UV rays with relative ease. Some of our products have synthetic EPDM rubber blended in with the existing material. EPDM is a synthetic elastomer that is regularly used in outdoor applications. Consider these two particular rubber flooring materials in case you need something for the outdoors.

You should not delay in getting the right rubber floor covering for you application. Regardless of whether you need rubber flooring tiles or a flooring roll, the excellent protection capabilities that rubber can provide you with are hard to beat! Rubber provides your application with the ultimate combination of durability, elasticity, and safety. Rubber flooring is an important part of what Rubber-Cal does, so allow us to help you find the perfect rubber surfaces for you today!