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Rubber-Cal specializes in providing commercial rubber sheets to consumers across the continent. Our inventory of sheet rubber consists of various different types of elastomers. Each of these rubber products is meant for different types of uses. Some of them, like a natural gum rubber sheet, are great for use as general sealing materials. Others, such as a silicone sheet rubber rolls, are meant for specific applications involving very high or very low temperatures. Even aesthetic concerns are taken into consideration as we stock several different color rubber sheets. If you need a rubber sheet for your application, chances are good that we have the right sheet rubber available for you.

Sheeting rubber products are most often sold in the form of rolls. Our sheet rubber rolls are usually stocked in gauges between 1/32” to 2” in thickness, depending on the specific type of elastomer. Since our sheet rubber is sold in roll form, they can be acquired in custom lengths of up to 25 or 50 ft according to your specifications. This will help ensure that you have the exact amount of material you need for your project. More importantly, however, you should know which type of material to choose from.

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Here at Rubber-Cal, we have a rubber sheet for almost any application. The various different types of sheeting rubber in our inventory include: Natural Gum Rubber, EPDM Rubber, Neoprene Rubber, Nitrile Rubber, Recycled Rubber, and Silicone Rubber. Each type of sheet rubber is unique and well suited for different applications.

Sheet rubber made from SBR and recycled rubbers function well as general-purpose seals and gaskets. They are fairly durable and easy to fabricate into various different types of parts. Natural gum rubber, in particular, benefits from a superior degree of flexibility. It even has a unique color: rubber sheets made from natural gum rubber come in a range from tan to brown. Natural gum and recycled rubber are not synthetic elastomers. They enjoy the benefit of being eco-friendly sheeting rubber products. Natural gum rubber is eco-friendly because it is made using naturally occurring materials, mainly the sap of the Hevea brasiliensis tree. There are no industrial or synthetic methods or compounds added to this sheet rubber. Recycled rubber, on the other hand, is eco-friendly thanks to the materials that make it. It is made using old rubber harvested mainly from vehicle tires. The method of making recycled rubber sheets actually takes non-biodegradable material out of the environment. This helps consumers by both helping to reduce waste in our ecosystem, as well as by coming at more affordable rates than their synthetic counterparts.

Sheet rubber rolls made of synthetic rubber may cost a little more, but they provide valuable physical and chemical properties that natural and recycled rubbers lack. EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, and Silicone sheet rubber should be used for the more industrial type of applications that see the presence of oils, chemicals, and temperatures of extreme degrees. Keep in mind that each particular type of synthetic rubber sheet has its own unique properties. For example, a sheet made of Neoprene may be moderately resistant to outdoor factors such as ozone, but EPDM resists ozone at far superior levels. Silicone sheet rubber may be able to comfortably handle temperatures up to 500° F, but Nitrile is a far superior rubber sheet for resisting different types of oils. Synthetic rubber materials are also available as different color rubber sheets, with red, gray, and white being the most common.

Fabricating rubber sheets is an important part of what we do. If you want a custom part fabricated from your sheet rubber rolls, we have several different fabrication options for you. We can custom fabricate products by hand, die, laser, or hydro-jet cutting methods. The type of method used can depend on factors such as budget, availability, and specifications. However, these methods allow us to meet the most critical of material tolerances and requirements. For the most accurate and high quality fabrication, we request that a drawing of the parts be sent to us.

As you can see, our inventory of sheet rubber provides you with many options. Sheet rubber is often the unsung hero of many products and industries, but it is a vital one nonetheless. If you have a need for natural, recycled, or synthetic sheeting rubber, then consider the various options available. Provide us with your specifications and we will fabricate parts out of your sheet rubber. Or if you simply want a standard roll, we are happy to provide it for you. If you need a rubber sheet for an important project, chances are that we will have the right one for you!

Nitrile - Commercial Grade Black - 60A
Silicone - Commercial Grade Red/Orange - 60A