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Carpet Mats

If you have a home or office that needs good looking and reliable carpet matting, look no further than our line of rubber-backed carpet mats. These are great mats to place at any residential or commercial entryway because they combine attractive aesthetic value with reliable safety features. Carpeted floor mats are able to increase the safety of an area while scraping off dirt from incoming footwear and resisting the accumulation of moisture. These indoor entrance rugs are available in a variety of different designs and colors so that they may better suit your needs.

Your entryway should remain clean and attractive. It is the first part of your home or business that a guest will see, so it is very important to make sure that they are greeted by cleanliness. Carpet matting is ideal to have in place because it provides efficient, year-round cleaning capabilities. The carpet surfaces of our rubber-backed carpet mats function as a dirt-scraping safeguard upon entry. A vast majority of incoming footwear will have some kind of dirt or debris on them. These outdoor contaminants can ruin the interior cleanliness of an area. Carpeted floor mats prevent this from happening by scraping dirt off from the shoes that come in from outside and keep the debris particles trapped on their surfaces until they are cleaned away. This is due to the carpeted surfaces of these mats. The carpet fibers do an efficient job of reaching into the hard-to-get areas of shoes and flushing out the dirt particles. These particles then get stuck in the carpet fibers, remaining there until the carpet matting is brushed or vacuumed.

Physical dirt is not the only hazard that interior areas need protection against. Our line of indoor entrance rugs also function as water absorbent mats. Moisture is a very serious hazard that can contribute to harmful accidents. By placing carpeted floor mats at an entryway, you will greatly enhance the safety of the area. Carpet matting does this in two ways. First, the synthetic surface of these rubber-backed carpet mats catches the moisture. Once the moisture is on the mat, it has nowhere to go thanks to the rubber backing of the mat. This solid, non-porous backing prevents the moisture from reaching the floor below it, thereby preventing any potential slips and slides that could lead to hazardous accidents.

The solid backs that come with our carpet matting help make them very desirable from a safety standpoint. However, keep in mind that some of our carpeted floor mats come with a vinyl backing. Regardless of whether the backing material is rubber or vinyl, you will benefit from the enhanced traction that our water absorbent mats provide. The purpose behind rubber-backed carpet mats is that they stay firm and secure on the surface they are placed on. This will help prevent the rugs from slipping out of place even in moist conditions. It is important to keep in mind that these are indoor entrance rugs. They are not meant for use in the outdoors.

Our inventory of carpet matting is great for decorative purposes as well. They are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and surface patterns. Rubber-Cal’s carpet matting can fit in with any décor and enhance the aesthetic value of even the most well kept areas. We have carpet floor mats to suit both residential and commercial settings. They even come in standard mat form and in a rolled runner form. The regular mats can be picked up and placed anywhere they are needed with no need for adhesive. Our rolled carpet runners are meant for applications where length is required. We aim to provide you with a great host of options to choose from.

It is hard to find quality carpet matting. We are confident that our stock of diverse carpet mats will function excellently for your applications. Whether they come in standard mat or rolled mat form, these indoor entrance rugs will stand up to debris, moisture, and heavy foot traffic with relative ease. As an added bonus, these water absorbent mats can be cleaned by either brush or vacuum. Allow our carpet matting to protect you, your guests, and your home/business entrance with its unique mix of carpet and rubber protective characteristics.