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The DIY Network team "Ground's For Improvement installs the Eco-Sport rubber tiles in order to revamp a backyard. (View Now)
A time elapsed video showing the installation of Puzzle-Lock interlocking rubber tiles. (View Now)
The installation of Coir-Grip Rubber Flooring on ABC TV. (View Now)
Rubber-Cal’s Terra-Flex interlocking rubber tiles appearance on ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition! (View Now)
Two teams, one mission, the speed installation of Eco-Safety Playground Tiles. Mr. Elasticity referees, and the winners get free lunch! (View Now)
Andy Milonakis makes an appearance and Mr. Elasticity finds out he has a son, Twister Elasticity! (View Now)
Can the Maxx-Tuff Rubber Mat and the Shark Tooth Heavy Duty Mat handle two 17 Ton containers? The trucks stop and leave their loads on the mats. (View Now)
DIY Network's "DIY to the Rescue", helps revamp an artist's studio with Eco-Sport Rubber Tiles. Watch the installation now and see how easy it is. (View Now)
DIY Network's "Man Caves" installs the Eco-Sport Rubber Tiles in a NJ Fire Station. This tile is tough enough for any Man-Cave. (View Now)
1/2" Eco-Sport rubber tiles starring in a Bud Light commercial. Beer bottles bounce their way out of the fridge!  (View Now)
Hammer McSmarsherson using a truck, a forklift, a shovel and more takes on some rubber Mats (Eco-Play, Eco-Sport, Maxx-Tuff, Puzzle-Lock and Shark Tooth.) (View Now)
Video blogging, sometimes shortened to vlogging, is a form of blogging for which the medium is video. Video feed allows us to present products, along with their physical properties and installation by video, which otherwise would be difficult to digest by other medium.  Since we intend the below "Vlogs" to be informative and interesting, we have combined serious product information with that of zany characters or funny story-lines.  We look forward to your comments.
Your Comments:
We appreciate your input.  Your comments are important to us.  It is an essential means by which we modify our services and products, in order to meet your needs.
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What does a rubber estate look like? How is rubber tapped? Join us in touring a Malaysian rubber estate. (View Now)
What is Neoprene rubber? How is it used? What does it look like? Mr. Elasticity helps us understand all about Neoprene rubber. (View Now)
Mr. Elasticity explains what different categories of industrial rubber are available?  (View Now)
What is a Durometer?  How does one measure the softness or hardness of rubber? See it in action! . (View Now)
Team Elasticity, combining wit and knowledge, tell you all about Coin-Grip rubber mats and flooring. (View Now)
Subject: Eco-Sport Tiles on the DIY Network 2008
Subject: Puzzle-Lock Installation Video Hurley US Open of Surfing 2009
Subject: ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition 2011
Subject: ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition 2010
Subject: Eco-Play Safety Tile.
Subject: Maxx-Tuff and Shark Tooth Mats
Subject: Maxx-Tuff & Shark-Tooth vs. 20 ton truck
Subject: Eco-Sport Tiles on DIY Network 2007
Subject: Eco-Sport Tiles on HGTV's Man Caves 2008
Subject: 1/2" Ec-Sport Tiles.
Subject: Flooring Durability.
Subject: Rubber Tapping.
Subject: Synthetic Rubber.
Subject: Neoprene Rubber.
Subject: Hardness of rubber.
Subject: Coin-Grip mats and floorins.
Mr. Elasticity and his cast of exuberant characters tell us all about the Puzzle-Lock rubber tile. Fun is the driving force behind this cut. (View Now)
Subject: Puzzle-Lock Tiles.
Andy Milonakis
Rubber-Cal's Puzzle-Lock rubber tiles are used in a home gym floor on HGTV's "Designed to Sell." .(View Now)
Subject: HGTV's Designed To Sell 2010
Learn all about Revolution Rubber Flooring. See them in action!  (View Now)
Subject: See Revolution rubber flooring in action!
Mr. Elasticity shows us "How to cut Rubber" with safety in mind. Be careful utility knives are sharp and so is  this zany video! (View Now)
Subject: Cutting Rubber in a safe manner
Rubber-Cal’s Elephant Rubber Flooring appearance on ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition.! (View Now)
Subject: ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition 2011
A video describing Elephant Rubber Flooring and in action in a variety of locations! (View Now)
Subject: Elephant Bark Rubber Flooring in Action!
Coir-Grip rubber floors on display.  Watch this product installed in a range of settings.  (View Now)
Subject: Coir-Grip Rubber Rolls Installed
Puzzle-Lock interlocking rubber tiles in action.  See them installed in a variety of locations.  (View Now)
Subject: Puzzle-Lock Rubber Tiles in Action
Learn to how install the Revolutionr rubber flooring tiles and their ramps. (View Now)
Subject: How to install the Revolution Rubber Tiles
All about Skirtboard rubber, an industrial rubber product designed for tough and mean applications!  (View Now)
Subject: Skirtboard rubber.
Puzzle-Lock rubber flooring on VH-1's reality TV show in 2010. (View Now)
Subject: VH1's Money Hungry, 2010 Season featuring Puzzle-Lock Tiles.
All about Elephant Bark rubber flooring starring the incomparable Mr. Elasticity. A fun and amusing way to view this product! (View Now)
Subject: Elephant Bark Rubber Flooring presented with humor!
1/2" and 1" Eco-Sport Rubber Flooring Tiles Video Shots.  (View Now)
Subject: Eco-Sport Rubber Tiles Beauty Shots
Watch Terra-Flex Rubber Tiles made for high end residential and commercial facilities.   (View Now)
Subject: Terra-Flex Interlocking Tiles Beauty Shots
2.5" Eco-Safety Playground Rubber Tiles. The soft, supple, elastic, rubber surface will help reduce injuries from falls and offer a restful floor covering for those walking on it.  (View Now)
Subject: EcoSafety Playground Tiles Beauty Shots
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Watch a backyard get turned upside down and a playground pops out! (View Now)
Subject: Eco-Safety Rubber Tiles Featured on "Extra Yardage"
A "Beauty Shot" of these rubber flooring rolls! (View Now)
Subject: Rubber-Cal's Diamond-Grip Rubber Flooring Rolls