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Gym & Fitness Rubber Flooring & Mats
Gym rubber mats and rubber fitness flooring products provide the floor protection necessary for both home and commercial gyms, while still offering a high degree of comfort.  These rubber-flooring products come in a wide range of colors and styles to fit the aesthetic requirements of any area, as well as the functional aspects.  Elephant Bark Rubber flooring is perfect for the cost-conscious gym owner or enthusiast who won't compromise on quality.  The 1” Eco-Sport rubber tiles offer a superb blend of aesthetics, comfort, and equipment protection.  Our 3/4" Eco-Sport rubber tiles provide a broad array of color choices, while maintaining the functionality and low cost offered by recycled rubber products. For extremely DIY installations consider our Puzzle-Lock tiles. These tiles interconnect thus removing the need for any permanent adhesives  The Shark Tooth rubber mat provides the highest level of floor protection and vibration isolation for a single heavy piece of gym or fitness equipment (such as a treadmill or a stepper). The Maxx-Tuff is an aptly named rubber gym mat, which is designed to protect floors from wear & tear of commercial or home gym equipment and foot-traffic. The ¼” Terra-Flex Premium rubber tiles are an interlocking tile (quick DIY installation) that are available in a variety of lighter earth-toned colors not usually offered amongst recycled rubber products - yet they are designed have the same impact protection offered by traditional recycled rubber flooring.
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Diamond-Plate Mats
• Easy to Install with 2-Sided Tape
• Cost-Effective, Anti-Slip Rubber Floor
• Buy it in Any Length up to 50ft.
• Ideal for Wet or Dry Surface Areas
• Classic Industrial Surface Texture
3/16", 1/4", & 3/8"
Elephant Bark Rubber Flooring
• Buy Today, It Ships Tomorrow
• Safe, Warm & Cost-Effective Floors
• DIY Installation, No Glue Needed!
• Ideal Gym, Garage, Basement Floor
• Available in Custom Lengths up to 50ft.
2mm Terra-Flex
Premium Flooring Rolls
• Ultra-Premium Rubber Flooring.
• Available in 4 Vivid Earth-Tone Colors
• Buy it in Custom Lengths up to 50ft.
• Made with Eco-Friendly Natural Rubber.
• Always in Stock, Ships in 24 Hours.
• The Lowest Cost Rubber Mat
• Durable! Indoors or Outdoors
• Buy it in Any Length up to 50ft.
• Traction Surface Offers Great Grip
• Ideal Temporary or Seasonal Flooring
3/8" Puzzle-Lock
Rubber Tiles
• Interlocking tiles. Easy to install!
• Cost-Conscious, Durable Rubber Mats
• Completely Flood & Moisture Resistant
• Excellent Sound & Impact Absorption
• Always in Stock, Ships in 24hours
3/4" Eco-Sport
Rubber Tiles
• Available in Five Vibrant Colors
• Made From Recycled Tire Crumb
• For Indoor or Outdoor Applications
• Stocked Rubber Tiles, Ships in 24 Hours
• Super Easy-to-Install Interlocking Tile
1" Eco-Sport
Rubber Tiles
• DIY Installation, Simple and Quick!
• Rubber Floors Made For Outdoor Use
• Stocked Product, Ships in 24 Hours
• 1" Inch thick, 100% Recycled Rubber
• Durable,Protective & Impact-Absorbent
16mm Interlocking Tiles
The Revolution!
• Designed for High-Impact Floors
• Easy installation, Great Finished Look!
• Offers Maximum Surface Protection
• Excellent for Anti-Fatigue Applications
• Rubber Floors for Gyms & Basements!
1/4" Terra-Flex
Premium Rubber Tiles
• Eco-Friendly! Natural Rubber Floors
• Simple-to-Install Interlocking Tiles
• Vanilla Scent, Reduces Rubber Smell
• Made With the Highest Quality Materials
• 5 Unique Light Colors & Earth Tones
1/2" Maxx-Tuff
Heavy Duty Mats
• Tough, Resilient & a Pleasant Floor
• Ideal for Heavy Machinery & Equipment.
• Offers Maximum Surface Protection.
• Perfect for a 2nd Floor Noisy Treadmill
• Cost-Effective & Durable Rubber Floor
3/4" Shark Tooth
Heavy Duty Mats
• Tough! 100 lbs per 4ft-by-6ft Rubber Mat
• Designed for High-Impact Industrial Use
• Excellent Noise and Vibration Reduction
• A Durable Recycled Rubber Floor Mat
• Can Be Custom-Cut to Your Needs.
3/4" Tuff-Flex
Heavy Duty Mats
• Heavy-Duty, Industrial Rubber Mat
• Protect Machinery from Hard Cold Floors
• Safeguard Your Floors from Equipment
• Tough Mat, yet Aesthetically Pleasant
• Excellent Noise and Vibration Reduction
2mm Diamond-Grip
Rubber Flooring
• Sold in Black and Dark Gray
• Cost-Effective & Wear Resistant
• Buy it in Any Length up to 50ft.
• Ideal for Industrial Applications
• Traction Surface Offers Maximum Grip
2mm Coin-Grip
Rubber Flooring
• Unique Anti-Slip Surface Design
• Sold in Custom Lengths up to 50ft.
• Available in Brown, Black & Dark Gray
• Simple DIY Installation without Glue
• Ultra Durable Rubber Flooring Rolls
2mm Block-Grip
Rubber Flooring
• Cost-Effective, Modern Rubber Floor
• Buy it in Custom Lengths up to 50ft.
• Ideal in Gyms, Basements, & Garages
• Available in Brown, Black & Dark Gray
• Easy to Install with 2-Sided Tape
Rubber Flooring
Armor-Lock (New)
Block-Grip (New)
Coin-Grip (New)
Diamond-Grip (New)
Diamond-Plate (New)
Eco-Safety PlaygroundTiles
Eco-Sport (1")
Eco-Sport (3/4")
Elephant Bark
Revolution (New)
Terra-Flex Tiles
Terra-Flex Rolls
Zcycle Rolls (New)
Mats & Matting
Armor-Lock (New)
Block-Grip (New)
Bubble-Top (Tiles)
Bubble-Top (Interlock)
Carpet Mats
Coin-Grip (New)
Corrugated Composite
Corrugated Fine Rib
Corrugated Ramp Cleat
Corrugated Wide Rib
Diamond-Grip (New)
Diamond-Plate (New)
Door Scraper
Dura-Chef (7/8")
Dura-Chef (1/2")
Dura-Chef (interlock)
Dura-Chef (interlock Commercial)
Elephant Bark
Elliptical Mat
Horse Stall Mat
Kitchen Mat (Grease-Resist)
Revolution (Premium Tiles) (New)
Shark Tooth
Super-Grip Scraper
Terra-Flex Tiles
Treadmill Mat
Tuff-Flex (New)
Ultra-Scraper   (New)
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