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1" Eco-Sport
Rubber Tiles
• DIY installation, simple and fast!
• Will outlast carpet, wood, laminate…
• Durable, comfortable & sound absorbent.
1/4" & 3/8" Elephant Bark
Rubber Flooring
• Available in custom lengths up to 50ft.
• Buy today, it ships tomorrow.
• DIY installation, simple and fast!
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3/8" Puzzle-Lock
Rubber Tiles
• Easily installed interlocking tile.
• Cost conscious, and very durable.
• Always in stock, ships in 24hours.
Products with Recycled Rubber Content
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"Designed To Sell."
• Pebble-top surface maximizes traction.
• Continuous lengths up to 100 ft.
• Available with PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive).
• Easily trimmed on sight to the perfect fit.
• Available in custom cut lengths up to 50 ft.
• Excellent scraper and traction features.
1/8" or 1/4" Diamond-Grip
• Cost effective & wear resistant.
• Buy it in any length up to 50ft.
• Good impact and wear resistance.
1/8" or 1/4" Coin-Grip
• Unique & progressive surface design.
• Safe & slip-resistant surface texture.
• Easy do it yourself installation!
1/4" Super-Grip Scraper
• Excellent traction surface, for max safety.
• Buy it in custom length up to 50ft.
• Always in stock, ships in 24hours.
3/4" Shark Tooth
• 100lbs per mat, heavy and tough.
• Designed for high impact industrial areas.
• Excellent noise and vibration reduction. 
1/2" & 3/4"
Horse Stall Mats
• Traction surface offers maximum grip.
• Drainage channels direct liquids away.
• Least expensive rubber mat on the market.
Recycling leads to a healthier planet, in which we can live and breathe freely, as well as a place where our children can live in a clean environment.  The environment, the earth, is our home. At Rubber-Cal we believe in a healthier, greener America and planet Earth. 
Typical scrap tire management before 1985 consisted of sending whole tires to landfills for burial.  Another means of managing scrap tires was to collect scrap tires from retailers and place them onto a pile, since there were no laws restricting how scrap tires could be managed, nor any programs seeking to encourage other uses for scrap tires.  Tire stockpiles are a major fire hazard, and due to water collection, they are grounds for mosquito breeding. 

Recycled rubber products are made from plentiful sources of 'used' rubber (i.e. car tires).  While these products do not offer as many technical characteristics as virgin sheet products, recycled rubber is a cost-effective source of material. Therefore, recycled rubber products are suitable for applications that require high levels of durability and abrasion resistance, as well as the natural cushioning qualities of rubber.

For areas that require a warm, comfortable and unique flooring, consider our Elephant Bark, 1/2” Eco-Sport Tiles, 1” Eco-Sport Tiles, or our Puzzle-Lock Tiles. These materials are all designed to cover large flooring areas and are made from 100% recycled rubber tiles. I think you find the installation on any of these eco-friendly products to be an easy DIY task that can be done by almost anyone. Areas that require a more aesthetically refined look, we have the 1/4” Terra-Flex. This premium rubber tile is available in custom colors and has reclaimed and recycled rubbers giving it the life you expect from a rubber floor. In wet areas where you want a watertight surface that will maintain its traction take a look at our 1/4” Super Grip Scraper, or Diamond-Grip, or our Coin-Grip. These materials use reclaimed rubber products to create a surface that is safe, yet impervious to liquids. Our X-Derm and Z-Grip and recycled rubber products that are available with PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) and also available to be custom fabricated. Many areas require mats to be resistant to extreme abrasion. For these areas we have our heavy-duty mats; Horse Stall Mats, Shark Tooth, and our Maxx-Tuff. These are all designed to reduce noise and vibration while maintaining the “green” rubber product standards you can expect from Rubber-Cal.
1/2" Maxx-Tuff
• Designed for high impact floors.
• Ideal for heavy machinery & equipment.
• Offers maximum surface protection.
1/4" Terra-Flex
Premium Rubber Tiles
• Eco-Friendly! Made with recycled content.
• Simple DIY installation, done in minutes.
• Available in 5 unique light colors & earth tones.
Floors the
"Muscle Pit"
Mr. Olympia 2009
Rubber Flooring
Diamond-Plate (New)
Eco-Safety PlaygroundTiles
Eco-Sport (1")
Eco-Sport (1/2")
Elephant Bark (New)
Revolution (New)
Terra-Flex Tiles
Terra-Flex Rolls (New)
Tuff-N-Elastic (New)
Mats & Matting
Bubble-Top (Tiles)
Bubble-Top (Interlock)
Carpet Mats
Corrugated Composite
Corrugated Fine Rib
Corrugated Ramp Cleat
Corrugated Wide Rib
Diamond-Plate (New)
Door Scraper
Dura-Chef (7/8")
Dura-Chef (1/2")
Dura-Chef (interlock)
Elephant Bark (New)
Horse Stall Mat
Kitchen Mat (Grease-Resist)
Revolution (Premium Tiles) (New)
Shark Tooth
Super-Grip Scraper
Terra-Flex Tiles
Tuff-N-Elastic (New)
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3/4" Eco-Sport
Rubber Tiles
• Available in Five Vibrant Colors
• Made From Recycled Tire Crumb
• For Indoor or Outdoor Applications