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White Nitrile - A White Rubber Sheet Which has Excellent Oil and Grease Resistance.
White Nitrile
Products discussed in this posting: White Nitrile, Sheet Rubber Products, Neoprene, Nitrile (Black)

If you're looking for a sheet rubber which has great oil resistance, can be used in kitchen or industrial applications, and is white, then White Nitrile (NBR) is your product.  This close relative to Black Nitrile (Buna-N) is a non-marking elastomer exhibiting many of the same characteristics of black Nitrile.  So what's the difference between the two sheet rubber products and how do you know which will work best for your application? 

First, make sure you're actually looking for Nitrile. Many moderate oil exposures can be handled by Neoprene, a similar rubber sheeting also offered in a roll form. The price difference between these products is considerable, so if you don't anticipate heavy oil contact, go with Neoprene.  Also, Neoprene is a competent substitute for many other "nitrile" applications like moderate oil gasketing and moderate petroleum and chemical seals, due to its blend of SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber), CR (Neoprene) and NBR (Nitrile) rubbers. 

So now that we know which products work best as substitutes to White Nitrile, let's discuss what White Nitrile can do.  This product is essential in three categories: food processing, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic applications.  There is also a fourth category in which both black and White Nitrile are equally suitable: heavy oil, solvent, and grease exposures.  For such industrial types of exposure, you may want to stick to black Nitrile as it is a more cost effective product.  But for the three categories mentioned formerly, White Nitrile is king. 

White Nitrile is an FDA approved sheet rubber product made entirely of FDA compliant materials for food safety.  As a non-marking elastomer, you can actually eat off of it without any of the rubber rubbing off.  This makes it an ideal countertop surfacing and butcher's table for food preparation.  This fact, combined with its ability to stand up against oils and grease, make White Nitrile a favored food processing sheet rubber.  Think about it the next time you want to eat a traditional Sushi meal on the floor and require a rolled rubber mat on which to dine.   

For pharmaceutical and cosmetic uses, White Nitrile is often the conveyor belt and surface top material for moving these products through a factory.  Only sheet rubbers approved by the FDA as safe and nontoxic have clearance to handle these items.   

When thinking about rubber products which are designed to handle food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and heavy oils, search no further than White Nitrile.  For the reasons mentioned above as well as its availability (since most distributors keep a supply in stock), it is easy to see what makes White Nitrile such a desirable and functional Rubber Sheeting good.

Jeffrey Stephens

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White Nitrile
Products discussed in this posting:  White Nitrile, Sheet Rubber Products, Silicone.

Although Jeffrey’s comments are right on as far as the grease resistance and non-marking nature of Rubber-Cal’s White Nitrile rubber, this product is no longer made from FDA approved ingredients. Hence it is no longer approved for use in facilities like food processing and pharma applications.   

We now offer a more appropriate rubber, which is a our FDA grade silicones.  Since most food processing and pharmaceutical uses exhibit high temperatures, the use of White Nitrile, which goes up to 220 Fahrenheit,  was seen as limited.  Hence we offer a variety of White, Black, Red and Gray Silicones which will meet and exceed the performance of the White Nitrile.  Moreover, the latter FDA silicones are all made to order, with about a two week lead time, and can be ordered in a variety of durometers from 40 all the way up to 70 Shore A. 

Meanwhile White Nitrile is now priced even more competitively and will have a wider market appeal.  White Nitrile is ideal for use in applications were the usual black colored rubber products are used.  In structural applications where the color of the rubber will show, it is imperative that aesthetic needs also be fulfilled.  Industrial table tops, have been another interesting use, since dropped parts and loss due to damage has become a concern.  Parts are also easily identified on a white rubber surface, as opposed to the darker colors.

White Nitrile is not something which industrial people think of when they think of using rubber products.  We think the new pricing and availability of White Nitrile has democratized this product, and people should genuinely consider white rubber and especially White Nitrile for their rubber needs. 

Mr. Elasticity

Rubber parts made from White Nitrile.
Rubber parts made from Silicone FDA.
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